Sunday, December 30, 2007

talk in circles, they talk back...


NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!

getting your wisdom teeth out sucks. Today I was super depressed and crazy-personed because of the side effects of the valium they gave me yesterday. I was up and down, and up and down and repeat.

conversation from earlier:

mom: ROBYN! why are you being so grumpy with us?!!?


anyways. i said "fuck you, wisdom teeth!" and went to presto, got soup, went to ryan allen's to watch a tegan and sarah dvd before the show, and then went to the risky business last show. ALL OF THIS MINUS 3 TEETH AND PLUS 2 GIGANTIC CHEEKS.

chubby cheeker.



that was me last night.


me this morning.




ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I also had a TASTY chocolate milkshake after the show)


its also good for making your mom want to be extra nice to you, being lazy without feeling bad, and getting sweet perscription drugs. (JUST DON'T DO VALIUM. YOU WILL FEEL CRAZY LIKE JANICE DICKENSON)

the best thing though,is getting kisses on the tip of your nose and your forehead, since your mouth hurts too much.

cute cute cute.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

i got my wisdom teeth out....

on holidays. i am hideous. maybe not though, since colleen always loved mangie and he had swolleen cheeks. i need to practice my myspace angles. I am like a secret skinny.


that was day one. i am much worse now. how terrible.

here are some random pics from house of dogs and cute things.
i fucked around in photoshop with some because i am a toothless wonder with nothing better to do...




















ben texture

amir edit



Thursday, December 27, 2007

put your life on hold while we interest one another...


I hope Santa was good to everyone (who believes in him...or whatever.)

Karma is catching up to me I think. I was a good girl this year: Santa brought me a digital camera, some AA clothes, invader zim dvd series, and papa made me a jewelry box! CUTEEEE.

I also got this gay little hand-held sudoku computer game. i can't put it down.

LINDSAY GOT GUITAR HERO 1, 2, & 3 WITH 2 GUITARS!!!! who knew we were such natural rock stars?!

guitar hero

The other night Ben, Lindsay and I played this fun game where 2 of us would play a song and the other person danced as stupidly as possible in the background while we videotaped it. it basically ruled. we did it until we all had headaches or asthma attacks from using to much candy-induced energy on it. they are going to be the hot new youtube videos. you just watch. I have been having the best time here. SO MUCH TO DO THOUGH. I am dreading what I have to go back to.

Yesterday Amir and I went to see Juno. front row center sucks but THAT MOVIE IS SO CUTE. honestly, go see it. my only complaint is that there isn't enough michael cera.


Ellen Page is so cute. but totally in a tegan and sarah way. and not just because she is a lesbian too. just because she is adorable. I really liked her character.

after the movie i drove adam lightle back to halifax while we were on our way in to house of dogs. Got some Taco bell, saw Melissa Gill (who is PREGNANT! eepp!!! so crazy but exciting!!) and then had a sweet Lost session with Lindsay (<3), Ben, Emily, Amir, Ryan Allen, Todd (not flanders) and Ian/Andrew kinda. it was great as usual.
i love it here. everything is so much easier.

I emailed about a few apartments today. wish me luck!

wisdom teeth tomorrow. wisDOOM teeth. yuck. i hope I am not digustingly disgusting from it. I don't want to me kind-heartedly teased about that from now until Toronto. I also want to see my friends as much as possible. that is important.

not enough lindsay time. more more more more.
not enough canoodles either.

greedy girl.


Monday, December 24, 2007

boy oh boy do i miss becky and jo...


i am having the best time ever.
halifax wins.

i just wish everyone could come with me!

Sunday, December 16, 2007



So much INSANE stuff has been happening to me this week.

I MISS MY HALIFAX FRIENDS SO SO SO MUCH. I really hope things work out and I can go there forever again.


Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

note: "eric clapton is an asshole."


6 days.

I can't wait.

more to come.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Monday, November 26, 2007

emotional heimlich

If I was to do another rant, it would be about public transportation.

But things are pretty good (my weekend was very,very tame, yet entirely endearing during most parts) so instead I will do this stupid survey thing...

(***courtesy of alexis - i have been lurking her and zane a lot lately because i am having withdrawals already knowing they wont be in Halifax when I am home at Christmas.)

you must
only type
two words
no more
no less

1. Where is your cell phone? hoodie pocket

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? not now

3. Your hair? hot mess

4. Your Work? tomorrow morning

5. Your father? good dude

6. Your favorite thing? having fun

7. Your dream last night? don't recall

8. Your favorite drink? hot tea

9. Your dream car? no idea

10. The room you’re in? my room

11. Your pet(s)? are loved

12. Your fears? E.T., detroit

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? happy, loved

14. Where did you hang out yesterday? bed, Oakville

15. What are you not good at? saving money

16. Eyebrow rings on the opposite sex? turn off

17. One of your wish list items? digital camera

18. Where you grew up? Windsor Junction

19. The last thing you did? ate pie

20. What are you wearing? comfy clothes

21. What aren’t you wearing? actual pants

22. Do you currently like someone? my friends

23. Your computer? is pimp

24. Your life? decently decent

25. Your mood? tired, full

26. Missing? east coast

27. What are you thinking about right now? pushing daisies

28. Your summer? wake/bake

29. Your relationship status? swingin' bachelorette

30.Your favorite color? red-orange

31. When is the last time you laughed? all day

32. Last time you cried? wednesday night

33. School? binder dundat

34. Your last kiss? colleen's forehead

35. Your mom? good broad


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So today I was at work, as per usual during the monday-friday, 9-5 time frame, and I was asked by my boss Julia if I could walk across the street to another one of the buildings in designers walk to deliver a package.

I figure, why not? My god-damned wisdom teeth were kicking my ass today so I thought a little fresh air might be exactly what I needed.

Anyways, that's not the point, just the build-up. The point of the story is, I leave my building to walk over across to the neighboring design firm, and what do I see?

A car idling in a no parking zone.

This is not fine, however I normally would not have thought twice about it. Except for the catch.
which i will get to.

so anyways, I go in, do my thing, and a few minutes later I exit to head back to work, and what do I see?


here is the catch:

It is not just any random car with any random person.



First of all, if you're not all into the eco-friendly thing DON'T GET A FUCKING SMART CAR.(lets be honest, us new-age hippies are the primary followers of this lifestyle because we are the ones about to have children and need to be aware of how the environment may or may not be when they become our age. We are the ones, and our future families are the ones, who will left to deal with a shitty earth and shitty climate and shitty illnesses. but whatever, back to the rant)

If you are choosing to drive a fucking hummer, eat GMO'd food, support unethical practices WHATEVER, that is your choice.



All I wanted to say (because the idiot had his fucking window down) was "DO YOU NOT SEE THE FUCKING IRONY IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING?? GO DRINK SOME FUCKING BLEACH, RETARD."

honestly, i almost had a fucking panic attack just because of this guy. He just looked so smug and arrogant.

on a completely unrelated note, Jeanie Becker came into my work today and apparently her interior design tastes involve children's appliqued nursery-rhyme themed curtains in her kitchen, fringe on EVERYTHING, and everything being "JUST FAAAABULOUS!!!!"

just saying...

home is where the heart is

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have been very homesick lately, but i can't deny the happiness that living with these two brings me <3

Monday, November 12, 2007

same as it ever was!

i had a nice weekend!

did you??

Monday, November 5, 2007

"did you date a lot in high school?"

"..were you always chasing girls?"

so yeah.

whats been going on?


honestly, it doesn't even matter what has been going on, it's all about what's coming on...CHRISTMAS, AKA MY TRIP HOME TO HALIFAX TO SEE MY FAMILY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BABY GURRRRL

i actually miss lindsay so much. I can't wait to go home and canoodle on her sofa and smoke cheeba and eat food and be merry and blissful. I want to see Ben (since even though he lives on the internet, he is never on the internet??) and i want to see erin cusack and i want to see my big brother and i want to see my moms and pops and i want to see my dog and i want to see the ocean and i want to see snowwwwww.

i feel good though because i have got some christmas prezzies under way already so i am ahead of the game.

things in toronto have slowed down (i guess i actually live here now...) and now i need to get my illustration work done, get this quixtar business on the go, and maybe if i am lucky meet some new people and get my mind out of the gutter and off of the people who distract me in the wrong way. (waste of timeeeeee.)

I did a cleanse this weekend which helped me jump-start my diet again. I need to get that under control so i don't get sick any more and can have fun and be healthy! yay!! healthy!!!
Sharai came down for the weekend (pretty much) and kept me company and chilled out like vegetables for saturday and sunday. it was cute, and i can't wait for her to move here. Halloween was super cute too because Cam called last minute and was all "yooo! lets sit on the stoop and give candy to kiddies!!" so cam, colly and i gave out sooo much candy within 30 minutes and had to get more! then becky and adam came in time to stoop it up (and beer it up) too and then finally jo and jamie came (they missed the candy ..booo) and we all hung out and it was funnnnn!

jo and i hung out this saturday afternoon too which was cute and sisterly since we never get one on one time anymore.

final thought:
not having a crush on anyone makes life very, very boring. that being said, building my friendships is much more important in the long run and i am happy to have such wicked, wicked people in my life <3

Thursday, October 25, 2007

it makes me want you just a little bit more...


THAT SHIT is stressful. my poor little child haha


Tomorrow night is the boo bash and i don't know what to wear! i was going to be a zombie hooters girl, but then i actually WENT to hooters last night and I actually hated it so much that I don't want to be a hooter girl. AND their merch is so fucking pricey ($25 for a tank top i am just going to ruin!???) EEK! I hate being that person!! that last minute costume person! aaack!

and tonight i can't get a costume because I have a BUSINESS MEETING?? I got scouted out for some marketing job (this is a real story) by a customer from the O.G. and now I have to meet he and his wife at la commensal for dinner tonight to talk business???

apparently my sparking personality is undeniable haha.

more to come...

this is gay, but i am so fucking obsessed with the new good life album.
my jam:

A Little bit more

you flipped the sign in your window, but baby are you really closed?
I've got no where else to run to, I sure as hell ain't running home
We can crash back at your apartment
I'll sleep on the floor

Gimme just a little bit more
wont you give me just a little bit more?

I never knew what i was missing
frankly I was better off.
You let me drink from your cup
and now i don't know how to stop
I've been pounding and pleading at your window
sadly ignored

I wanted just a little bit more
I wanted just a little bit more
You love me then you lock your doors

I thought we were painting a bigger picture
Now I know the score
I wanted just a little bit more
I wanted just a little bit more

You fooled me into thinking I was special, but you're a liar
and a whore

It makes me want you just a little bit more
I want you just a little bit more
Baby don't you make me go home.

Don't you make me go home.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"we both get carried away..."

"no one sleeps yet, lets keep it goin' til the mornin'...."

my life has been so fucking whirl wind this week.

I think i am subconciously rebelling against something that I am not even aware of.
basically, i just finished a 3-day bender. how 2004 of me.


thursday was my work party. I was kinda concerned about this one, and totally not expecting what was about to ensue.
We had this private function at work to launch our new canadian furniture collection. 60 people RSVP'd, about 25 non-employees showed up. We had bought 3 grand in catering (open bar) and yup, no one showed.
so anyways, izzy who MAYBE has a glass of wine on holidays had 5 glasses of wine, and i had 7 or 8?? fuckkkkk. anyways i was very composed (probably because of all the food we pecked at since no one showed) until i actually left the party to walk to the subway with izzy. oh, fresh air.

anyways a train and bus ride later, i run into spencer on the street, buy another bottle of wine (whyy??????) and decide to call cam, my neighbor.


cam:"yeah dude, come smoke a spliff and watch the office"

me:"okay!!! i've had 8 glasses of wineeee!"

so anyways you can see how this turned southward at this point. i tried to get some food, that didn't work out, but because all of this had already happened by 10:30 pm.

anyways it could've been worse because i still got 8 hours of sleep and was hazy and probably smelly at work the next day but they didn't know the half of it and i still had leo's party that night.

friday after work (good god what a long day) i went to the eaton center to buy some duds and bought some sick purple cords for 10 bucks and a shirt for 10.

leo and the gang came over around 9:30. here are some photos:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
me, chris and sharai, red wallin'.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

me and colly. i dunno what i am doing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the crew. this photo actually warms my heart so much. i miss lynn kane though.
and look! leo is excited!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

me and my bestie. happy birthday buddy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i went crazy the next morning after my 2 hour beauty sleep, but i was so happy. so so happy.

the night was actually SOOOO FUN. It was amazing to see leo actually so fucking stoked on something. Sharai and I abducted colleen who wasn't going to come, and the night was unreal.
Basically, circa is really fucking expensive but so fun. 15 bucks for cover and 6.50 drinks but it is a million floors of fun. They played so much good tunes and it really felt entirely like cute girls, gay dudes and us. The played "revolution" by the beatles and everyone had peace sing hula hoops and painted posters saying all sorts of peace-related wonders. there were people dressed in crazy costumes, and all of us just danced with each other balls out to every song. we danced with randoms, (dudes, girls...whatever) and leo got sooo sloppy and i loved it. EVERYONE just had fun and was care-free and soooo happy.

Later we went back to my house to smoke cheeba and then chris put on my purple pants and we all decided it was a great time for me to learn to skateboard?? anyways SK8 OR DIE?? i dunno, but 4:20 rolls around, we blaze, and i get a phone call from JC (my favorite drunk) who is so happy because Dougie is in town and about to visit?? i guess he let the cat out of the bag though because it was supposed to be a surprise and dougie had been trying to track down spencers # so he could get our address and surprise me, but instead he just drove to my house at 5am and it was surreal and amazing and so funny to see him flip out about all of his former co-op students hammered laying all over my house.

saturday i ended up staying in bed until 3:30 or so, minus the brief early morning crazies before leo and the crew left. Dougie and I went back to oakville where i met jo for a late lunch, and we went to her ("our") mama's house. I LOVE HER. ann was so happy we were there and of course the wine got going (fuckkkkk) and the next thing we know we are sitting in her moms bed, drinking wine, and looking at her new clothes?? jeeeeeze.

later on i went to the firehall where jo, dougie, jc, cody, lauren and I hung out and drank doubles and i felt sorry for myself for partying yet again. but talk about the most surreal moment...hanging out with all of daves closest friends on my own terms, back in bronte. then we spoke about dottie and i got nostalgic and sad, but it was good to know he was doing okay. but yeah it gets weirder.

so then we decide to go to lauren and codys house which just so happened to be IN THE SAME COMPLEX JC, JO AND I ALL LIVED IN THAT BURNT DOWN. fuckkk. and they had these 2 adorable dogs (i don't do well with adorable family dogs any more) we had grabbed MORE WINE from ann's house on the way there, and so yeah.


got a ride back to toronto which was sweet but seeing dougie for such a short time is such a friendship tease.

i met becky, adam and neil at union station at 12:45 intending to go to toronto island and go biking all day. but due to the fact that it was 24 DEGREES ON A SUNDAY IN LATE OCTOBER everyone had the same idea and we sold our tickets instead of waiting 2 hours for a ferry, and biked suppppper far west on the waterfront, just past that huge white super architectural bridge you can see from the highway when you are approaching toronto. we had a healthy picnic, blazed, and took photos. we biked up to queen street for candy after that, making the whole ride almost 20 km (i mapquested it haha). i met chris, came home and hung out with him and cam for a bit, and now i am calling it a day.

or a summer.

or a blur.

but it was amazing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In honor of Rhiannon the great

A top ten list of things on the brain:

1. Money is "ghey" especially when you don't have any, and you're waiting for someone else to pay up.

2. I can't seem to shake this almost-a-cold. Sore throats, raspy voices (painful, though sexayyyy) and phlem (eewww!) are annoying. Honestly body: Just get sick or get well so this can be over with! FOR REALZZ

3. Crafting is awesome, mail is awesome, combining the two is awesome-est.

4. I need to do laundry. (not interesting, but it's on the brain)

5. I need to get groceries. (see above)

6. I really want to meet some more new people in Toronto. Sure, my friends are the bomb diggity and unbeatable, but it's a big city full of adventure and possibilities!

7. Not having a crush on someone is boring. (I know this is good for me, and I don't want a bf right now...but that doesn't change the fact that it is BORRRR-INGGGGG)

8. I need to go dancing again/more. Sunday night was such a tease!

9. 2 months until Dougie comes home to visit! (8 weeks makes it sound sooner)

10. I need to get out and enjoy this fall weather before it's gone! UGHHH HARVEST ADVENTUREZZZ

wow, this is pretty uninteresting. Better to be uninteresting than dramatic, oui?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something I love about Saturday afternoons is sleeping in until whenever I want (because I have no obligations to anyone but myself! wahoo!) and then making breakfast which i eat in bed, and the cuddle with my roomies watching tv. It is pretty much the best thing everrrrr.

Also, E! plays 4 back-to-back episodes of the simple life on Saturdays so I just watch that and laugh at how hilarious Nicole Richie is and then eventually I roll out of bed and do errands.

Today on the docket:

-write some letters
-make corn bread (yum!!)

In addition to this, i will probably have a wicked nap, and be super lazy even though I am trying to get in shape and fit into my old clothes again. I get the feeling that laying in bed all day and then eating homemade baked goods is probably the worst thing i could be doing right now, but i have already lost 4lbs so i am almost back into my old duds, so what is one lazy saturday??

so anyways, last night i had a spaz attack so my make myself feel better i bought some cheeba (i had been good all week too!), a bottle of organic wine, and a ring pop! Honestly, ring pops are so random and fun, if you are ever having a bad day and thinking about getting some chocolate or something to cheer you up, try a ring pop instead. nothing will make a sad girl smile more so then a huge candy ring.

so i smoke some cheeba and am sitting on the deck reading the new nylon and what do you know?? Spencer comes home all drunk and we have an awesome hilarious heart to heart on the deck while we drink more and wait for our love (colleen) to come home so we can all be cute together. Later, Leo and chris came down and we got sloppy and went on an adventure (go figure!) and ate some street (veggie) meat, and walked forever and ever until we finally got back to my house and all passed out watching batman in my gigantic cozy bed. How cute and funny and hilarious.

This weekend is going to be so great!

It is obviously off to a good start, but tonight is going to kick ass because I am hanging out with Derek and Christine and having a tattoo consultation, then coming back home where colleen and spencer are having friends over and I can finally meet some of their friends too!

Tomorrow I am going to Oakville and having tea with kalan for his birthday, going to JC's for an adorable invader zim/popcorn/big brother hangout with Jo and Jamie, and then to Ann Gale's house for Thanksgiving dinner and $3 wine. Oh! and Adrian (jo's dad) will be there! yay! After dinner I am being picked up and taken to Waterloo where I will be spending the night at Becky's moms since I have been invited there for dinner on monday night. sooo sweet. apparently we are going to "phil's" (a bar with dancing and 1.75 drinks...think retro night at the marquee circa 2003) which I am sooo stoked for.

This weekend is jam-packed, but I love long weekends, harvest time, and friends.

Next week colleen and I are having a craft night!! VIP only so you cuties will get your invites soon enough!

tralala, i miss my dog a lot but all and all, things are pretty nice right now.

picture update coming soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

today i actually had the shittiest day i have had in a long time. Things could be worse, but if i had someone to canoodle with things would be better instantly! i might just have to call colleen and spencer for some quality bedroom tv time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

no one sleeps yet...

today is such a weird day.

today is you-know-who's birthday, so i have kinda got that on the brain and it bothers me. It's normal, it's expected, but it's distracting.

so work (although going well) was a bit bunk today. There is this queen there who overreacts to things which makes things tough sometimes since i was starting to get confident in taking initiative with things myself, and now i feel a bit daunted. I also kinda bunged up a few things in front of the head honcho boss (even though they are debatable and my actual boss couldn't have cared less) but none-the-less....distractions.

this office thing is kinda weird. although i am still working in a visual environment i am finding my attention to visual details to be touch and go. Usually i think and remember things visually first and foremost, and to have that natural inclination be on the fritz is throwing me for a loop.

also, today on my ride home from work i swerved to avoid a car (i need a bell) and i hit a pot hole and popped my tire on my bike. UGHHHH. hopefully i will fix it tonight and if not i have a fancy day at work tomorrow so i was planning on taking transit anyways.


one thing i AM happy about today is that the new minus the bear cd is soooo fucking good and i am seeing them on monday!!! FUCK YESSSSS also, i am going to see "we will rock you" on jes's birthday with jes, patty and sharai!! talk about a hot bunch of babes on the town!

sounds like trouble...

i am really happy about my friendships i have in my life right now. there was a fritz recently but i am going to patch it (much like my tire) and make things picture perfect again. i love my second cup and O.G. friends. also, ms. BECKY's birthday is this weekend and i am so pumped for the cocktail party and for FUCKING NUIT BLANCHE! oh man....i honestly think it will be the best night ever.
no expectations though.

they only thing i can do to keep up this pace is to not expect anything of anyone. that way you're never dissapointed.

lets keep it goin' till the morning....

Monday, September 17, 2007

I would like to add to the previous post:

another thing i dislike about toronto:

-Random sketchy meth addicted ravers bursting into my living room.

yeah, I would that is pretty weak too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

life in t.o.

So we are pretty much settled in t.o. now (with exceptions being the plethora of house guests we have been bombarded with once the house was open for business...i love guests but it slowed down the process of home making.)

Some things I like about t.o.:

-seeing friends all the time and having people make me feel like me and my company is wanted and enjoyed. it feels like a little happy community

-How cultural everything is and how much there is to explore and see. I have been to so many fun FREE events since I have been here (cabbagetown arts and crafts show, vegetarian food fair, st. lawerence market, queen west art crawl, the riverdale farm etc....)

-my job (although when you work a 9-5 the weekends are never long enough) and how much it inspires me

-how close everything is.

-bike riding in fall weather

-my roommates and my cutesy apartment

-going to the hot box cafe with becky and jo and everyone

-there are adorable dogs EVERYWHERE!!

things that i don't like about t.o.:

-I never thought i would experience cyclist road rage but since everyone bikes here it is so annoying to be stuck behind slow cyclists, to have drivers opening their car doors completely disregarding the on-coming cyclists, and to get your tire stuck in a street car track.

-my annoying druggie raver super intendants who live beneath me

-not being able to see my oakville friends as much as i would like

-spending money too much because of all the wonderful shops and services everywhere you go

-not having any of the channels i actually watch on our basic cable (WTF???? No A&E, Showcase, food network or discovery?!? We dont even get fucking MUCH!???)

As you can see, the goods outweight the bads. I am excited to see minus the bear soon, but I don't know what i am going to do about thanksgiving since i don't have a dining area. hmmm....

Also, my room is almost set up courtesy of mr. spencer and his handy helperness. He installed me a custom desk/shelf thing for underneath my window and now i get to sit in front of my window and make crafts or write letters or internet it up like a nerdy mc.nerderson.

come visit me y'all...or message me for my mailing address so we can correspond!!!!!! xoxox

Sunday, September 9, 2007

i chase my paper on...


so i have been busy as shit and haven't had time for a real update in a long time. i don't have time either, but i will just tell you a few things:

Toronto is GREAT. i have a 9-5. monday to friday, room to grow within the company, benefits, pne hour paid lunch, and it is in my field. BOMB.

Since coming to toronto i have had the greatest people around me at all times. It is surreal to have such amazing, genuine people in my company all the time. I miss Jo and Jamie (these are two of those people i have been seeing lots of though...i am glad because not living together and having to knock on her door instead of walking right in is FUCKKKKED) but colleen and spencer are the most amazing roommates. Spencer is the handiest man i have ever known, and colleen is and will always be the loveliest girl in the world.

I have also been spending so much time with my internet girlfriend turned real-life soul mat becky, and the love of her life/my homie adam. He is assisting a photo shoot with paris hilton this week! WOAHHHH! we have been hanging out, going to the hot box cafe, going to st. lawerence market, watching tv, and just spending cutesy time together (also in conjunction with jo and jamie...cute!) being nice and fun.

My bff leo has visited me from oakville lots, and he even bought me a friendship hat! what a charmer! I also got a visit from the wonderful ms. lynn kane and her adorable friend suzann last and weed and patio conversation.

Scott came up for the weekend to go to the vegetarian food fair and so we could go see the animal collective (which we couldn't get into....booo). we walked all the way home from sneeky dees on friday which wasn't as bad as it sounds and the food fair of course was yesterday. Sarah kramer was adorable and i bought three rays of spelt muffins and soy jerky...yumz!!

today we are going to the cabbage town arts and craft show, american apparel, and then who knows what the day will bring. i got my hurr did yesterday and it cost me a million dollars but i am a "new woman" (miranda july shout out...i am reading her book "no one belongs here more than you" which is amazing and sexy.) so i look bomb digity.

tomorrow i get the internet for real and not just free signals so i will write an essay about my life. i wanna know how alexis and zane are doing because i haven't heard from them since they moved.


Friday, August 17, 2007

forget it...

I have officially lost my faith in humanity.

how the fuck do I have such shitty luck???
Karma fucking owes me.

Friday, August 10, 2007


yo, dude.

so many good quotes lately. I need to find my tape recorder and keep these things handy.

"Who do I have to smack around here to get some proper keifer?!"
(me to a customer on my last day, regarding their concerns for the lack of red-label keifer)

"We're the wings!!!"
(tanja when we were posing for our totem pole picture)

"Yo, just tape a piece of pepperoni on my zit with a bandaid"
(me, to clayton and jo when talking about harvesting my zit)

"She has the pepperoni in her front pocket....!"
(lynn, talking about tanja who had a deli bag of sliced pepperoni to snack on while working)

oh.....good times.

So, I finished my run at the OG with quite the party bender. At school, it was the same way: it's almost done, and suddenly we're all best friends! why now!? why not sooner!? oh yeah, because the drama ensues. dang. Anyways that first night at jess's/sharais definitly was the highlight of my summer thus far, although i would be a liar to say i didn't love it all. I am excited to see these kids when i get back and to have one last hurrah! before the summer ends.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Isn't it ironic, you still have ideals....?"


This apartment hunt is turning out to be a real struggle. It is so fucking cut-throat in toronto! I am not sure if i am prepared for that town!

anyways, time will tell. Right now it is tough because I can't get into toronto asap when an ad is posted because well, I am in oakville. Usually when i call to see something I get: "Oh, it'll be gone by then...i've already had ______ number of calls."

I am slowly getting less selective. I think at this point i will even live in a building. I was hoping not to have to move in a year, and that we would find a comfy place right away, but that is doubtful at this point, but i will stay positive. Moving sucks, i was hoping to avoid multiple moves within the next few years but do whatcha gotta do, right?

anyways, just no basements. After being the only one home when my house burnt down I would feel too confined in a basement.

I have been riding my bike lots, seeing old friends (some things never change....) and feeling healthier. (it feels amazing to think that..thank you, vitamins!)
also, there are a few potential jobs. I don't want to jinx it so I will leave it at that.

Time to continue my 9-hr day work bender...


Monday, July 23, 2007

this mornin' I woke up feelin' brand new...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


now all i need is a job and a house and booyah will be achieved!


"My weekend in San Diego was fantastic! I love it there. It's just far enough away from L.A. that it really felt like a vacation getaway. I took the time to really hang out and get to know the city. You can't visit San Diego without visiting the world famous San Diego Zoo. I loved seeing all the exotic animals. My absolute favorites are the lions. They are so majestic!! And the zoo has a gift shop fully devoted to "Earth-friendly" products, which is super cool. I stayed at the Solamar Hotel, which has a really dope pool with cabanas. I definitely got my tan on!"

-Kimberly Stewart


HOLY ROBYN COX QUOTE. that is EXACTLYwhat i say whenever the toronto zoo is discussed.


i totally read the kimberly stewart blog on tmz all the time. whatever dude. i don't even currrrrrr

Sunday, July 22, 2007

one month from now i will potentially be jobless, almost homeless, and flat broke.

holy shit holy shit holy shit

risks are SCARY!

anybody got a job, home and money for me?


plan b: flight attendant.

Friday, July 13, 2007

"pretty darling you're so niave..."

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this is me on my first day of school.

Today, looking at this and then looking in the mirror made me realize for the first time in my life:

"Wow, I am a grown woman."


Thursday, July 12, 2007

i wont let them take you, Hell no!





late night bike rides

white wine

cute summer outfits





clean water/swimming







tom collins

vintage t-shirts





any of these things or combination of these things will put a solid & sincere smile on my face and squishy-good feeling in my heart and belly.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hunt and gather

Apartment hunting hasn't been the easy task I thought it would be. Tomorrow I am going to the city and walking around and writing down numbers. At least that way I will know the location and not feel so mis-lead.

anyways, this is me bored at the "office", aka, my desk looking for apartments

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then I remembered THIS:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Clayton made me a glass pony!! This is my "no big deal-my boyfriend just makes me awesome glass ponies and yours doesn't"


Here is a be-lated camping picture:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

we were lazing in the sun on the beach at our campground.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He is the apple of my eye <3



Friday, July 6, 2007

bung deal

Yesterday was shite: Hassle at the office, pressure to get the fuck out of Ann Gale's house, a busted knee (though arguably bad-ass, the "9 year old boy" scabby leg look is not quite lady-like), and then to top all of that off, I had a dream that included a lot of love from dottie, and a return to junior high school. TERRIBLE.

Then today I couldn't sleep in as late as my schedule allowed because I tossed and turned and got teary-eyed about how much I miss my (former) dog. Then on my way to work I almost ran over a freshly squished bunny on my bike because of shitty oakville traffic.

The day dragged on and on while I trained a new girl (not fun), and got shit on for taking forever to put away a huge skid of soy/rice milk. OKAY, I AM NOT A "TIN MAN". I AM NOT AS EFFICIENT AS THEY ARE BECAUSE I HAVE FUCKING CUSTOMERS TO SERVE TOO.


anyways the good news is i got paid, bought some food (finally), and hopefully I will get to see clayton tomorrow and go to the Toronto Outdoor Art Show together....Oh! and maybe, just maybe, purchase some herb. yes, i used the term "herb".


who needs a drink?
or some "herb"?

OH! DOY-EE! more good news!

Upcoming visits from both Beth Barter and LINDSAY "BFF" STEWART! YESSUMS!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i don't care how lame this makes me...

Third Eye Blind are playing on uly 29th in Detroit and I have to go.
I don't care how gay this makes me.


Friday, June 22, 2007

like an arrow

i was not even remotely emotionally prepared for tonight.

total shitfest.

dear clayton:

i wish you were here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quote of the day:

More words of wisdom from the men at Vice magazine:

"It must bore the shit out of girls to know that, after spending two hours to look fuckable, the first thing we want to do is get the fuck out of here and go fuck them."

It kinda does bore the shit out of us really...what a conundrum!


Camping was wonderful! Clayton and I ended up going by ourselves which was a bummer because I wish friends were there to enjoy some of the hilarity, however it was a totally different kind of exciting romantic adventure going by ourselves. Clayton surprised me with gluten free beer to drink because according to him "You can't have camping without beer". (which I agree).

The whole weekend was awesome. The first day we set up camp, took a (very quick) jump in the freezing lake, and basked in the sun. We cooked camp food on the open fire, and clayton made us a clothes line. We walked around a whole lot, experienced the most magical firefly field ever, a skunk, and counted 10 toads on the beach after dark.

The second day we went to a local flea market where clayton bought a vintage harmonica and I bought a new pyrex bowl for ONE DOLLAR! We also saw tons of sweet pins, antiques, and shirts with wolves on them. After the flea market we went to a local farmers market that had a strawberry u-pick, a petting zoo, and a place called "bunny-ville"!! We had yummy home-made snacks and then some local coffee.

We were supposed to go canoeing that day but it turns out you couldn't rent canoes until after the long weekend so we swam again instead. We played frisbee (which we are basically amazing at) drank more beer, ate camp store french fries with our hot dogs (best fries ever!!), walked around a lot, and then finally went to a bat talk at the haggard outdoor auditorium. So lame, but also so wicked and the man who spoke about bats was so dorky and passionate about bats and wildlife. I loved him and his talk of a notorious "catbird"??? (does that actually exist??) AND we actually saw a bat at the talk! yessss

did you know that bats only have one baby a year??

The next morning I MADE THE FIRE and cooked pancakes and eggs to give us energy for the sweet PLANT IDENTIFICATION WALK that we went on and actually enjoyed to the fullest. Clayton enjoyed it so much that when we got back to the site he made a fresh picked dandelion green salad. CUTE!


anyways the whole weekend was amazing and I have caught camping fever. Hopefully me and everyone from the cup will go soon and I think I am camping for a night this weekend after I go to "Yo-a-palooza" or "Yo-stock" or whatever it's called.
Friday night is Leslie's party, I have the long weekend off, I am officially full-time, getting a raise, and going to visit everyone at home soon!

I also won 2 cute jumpers on ebay (one of which is an AMAZING denim mini overall), got the saddest/most thoughtful surprise on my doorstep today, and get to see Manda soon!

It has been a good week so I will stick with it. Hopefully my stride wont get broken although I will miss all of my friends who are moving away. I might use my travel gift certificate to go to BC and see friends...

yup! is everyone else??!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's different when you're lonely...

Today I am sad and I don't know why. I wish that Lindsay was here or Colleen was here or Clayton was here or anyone who doesn't expect anything of me was here...(I only mean that in a "too-much-pressure-to-please-when-we-hangout" kind of way)

anyways here are some pictures from the other night...

Free Image Hosting at

Cherry looks like a bunny...

Free Image Hosting at

and is in love with me.

Free Image Hosting at

roomies with no evil

Free Image Hosting at

the hulk

Free Image Hosting at

gangly arm and the twins

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

i love her.

Free Image Hosting at

I just like this one...

Free Image Hosting at

I really am a little gnomie or something in this one.

anyways I can't wait for the weekend.

that is all.