Monday, April 28, 2008

tea and cobbler.

one thing i love about halifax is that almost every day feels nostalgic. Imagine a place where every day feels like a wonderful day you've once lived, read in a book, or seen in a movie.

That is my life.

but even though things are fab, lately I have been nostalgic for toronto a little bit. (only a little)

here is a list of things I miss about toronto, and even oakville (other than my beautiful friends) which i have been feeling nostalgic about:

1. $2 jet fuel soy mochas

2. I know this is friend-related, but we don't talk any more so i feel like it is relevant: I miss leo. the "end" of that friendship was so weird.

3. bike riding everywhere. soon i will do that here though.

4. Kensington market. sunny afternoons at the hot box cafe...

5. 24 hour transit, even though i know ttc is on strike now.

6. celebrity sightings

7. smoking a little joint to myself after a long day of work on my lovely (former) patio.

8. $3 wine on ann's patio

9. I actually just loved all of last summer at ann's house, even though it wasn't super exciting. it was just nice, and sunny, and full of love and a non-judgemental family.

10. badminton

11. skipping stones at the park

12. daytime drinking with fiona (i know...i said no friend stuff...)

13. having that half hour a day to myself to walk dottie and smoke a j and think about life.

14. fresh squeezed carrot/beet/apple juice from booster juice

this summer i am excited to rise to the challenge of having the best summer ever. I wish lindsay and ben could be here, but they will be busy having the best summer's ever in their respected destinations.

summer love fun list coming soon.

also, cribs, featuring my house.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

robina home maker


Spring salad with leaf lettuce, walnuts, local bartlett pears, feta, and lemon-maple vinaigrette.

cinnamon french toast made with organic ancient grain bread (kamut, spelt and quinoa) and served with nova scotia maple syrup and strawberries! yum!

don't you just wanna come over for brunch!? :)

p.s. my talented bf captured these moments on a whim. what a gooder!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Since you've been gone...

Jenner's going away party, yet somehow i don't have a single photo of her?? :( I guess a socialite like herself was mixing and mingling too much to stay put for a pic, or perhaps i just wasn't on my paparazzi A-game.

But there was quite a crowd...

and it was full of people i love...

(*disclaimer: still edge, staged photo)

I hate jager. Erin made me do it.

i wore a sassy outfit. I would've felt like a hussy if it wasn't a party filled primarily with american apparel employees. "WEIRD, BUT SEXY."

p.s. I don't mean that as an insult.

I left my camera at ryan's one day this week after a porch jam and this is one of the photos which were on my camera upon it's return.

The morning after. I had a barely-legal slumber party. Jealous??

I bought 4 pairs of these slippers at frenchies for a dollar a pair.

Stretched ears are so ugly without earrings. Beautiful day's make up for it.

I wish I could've captured many jenner moments.
I wish the cops didn't break up the party.
I wish my house would clean itself.

and so it begins....


Monday, April 14, 2008


So I haven't updated in awhile, but I have been either lack-lustre, or busy as shittt.

Last week I was in Newfoundland and took 3 PHOTOS. what the shit!? i forgot to bring my camera with me pretty much anywhere i went. what an idiot. so pretty though. i love the little houses.

Anyways, yesterday Alex, James, and Jenner came over for 4:20 Sunday, aka T-SHIRT JAM.

The idea was to make some shirt which we could wear next weekend for the most positive weekend ever:

HATER FREE FRIDAY (and jenner's going away party!)
4:20 SUNDAY (but the ACTUAL 4:20)

Jame's taught us this awesome technique for making t-shirts without having to break out the silk screen! We used FREEZER PAPER which is basically like a wide parchment paper. One side of it is lightly waxed, and the other has a smooth tooth to it, perfect for drawing your stencil directly on to. The idea is to make your stencil out of the paper, and then with the wax side DOWN, lightly iron it onto your shirt (med-low heat).

The wax will lightly melt onto the shirt making the perfect seal for stenciling! It doesn't bleed through when you roll on your fabric pigment, and once the pigment is dry, gently peel off the stencil! It definitely makes the best t-shirt or fabric stencil I have used without a screen, with great results. You can even do intricate designs and iron on the little pieces too (such as the centers of fonts- usually you would have to plan out letters such as "B" or "R" without the centers of the letters since you couldn't make it in one stencil).

The other great thing about freezer paper is that because it is slightly transparent, you can make registered multi-colored prints. You can trace through them and make sure it is all aligned when designing your image!

Here are the tips we collectively decided we learned for making these shirts during this craft jam:

1. Use different rollers for different colors, or make sure your roller is REALLY dry before you switch colors. Although we all agree that Jenner's "PARTY ME" shirt looks dope with the bleeding, if you want a crisp print use a DRY roller.

2. If you are using an older, thinner shirt, be sure to use a piece of cardboard on the inside of your shirt, and behind it on the surface you're printing on. Ideally, you should do this regardless though.

3. Use thin, light coats of screen-printing pigment when rolling onto your stencil. You can use a hair dryer to dry the coats in between layers if you're going for multiple colors or a really saturated print. Be careful of a high heat hair dryer on the wax though.

4. If you're really careful, you should be able to reuse your stencil at least one more time, but you can also just save it to trace onto another sheet of freezer paper to use another time!


Saturday, April 5, 2008


As you may or may not know, one of my big nerdy (yet endearing) hobbies is collecting vintage dishware, specifically pyrex!

Angela and I have been chit-chatting about it all day long, and I just counted: 19 original pieces plus 8 fire king cups (competitor/copy cat, though still charming) and 3 fire king custard cups!

nerd nerd nerd. here are some my favorite pieces That i own:

(i can't be credited for the photos! they are images from

I need a beautiful glass-doored display unit for them all!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a little perplexed...

did someone sneak into my bedroom and take artful photos??

this is actually what my room looks like, sans wicker headboard.

same color, vintage linens in the same pallet, small grouped artwork, and a vintage dressform! (i've got 2 in there...)

they sure did crop it nicely so you can't see my ugly dresser though :)


Working in the "design business" (boy, that feels weird) has me consumed with how I want my own house to look (specifically my living room).

Originally, I wanted a more rustic feel, but I was struggling with finding a balance between rustic design and my feminine tastes.

I stumbled upon this room, and I am in love. it is the perfect representation of all taste in design:

I love love love the vintage elements. The tv trays as side tables, those two GORGEOUS cabinets and the built in to display all the vintage glassware...(i need something like that for my pyrex collection!!)

holy moly, i wish i could get started TODAY!