Saturday, April 19, 2008

Since you've been gone...

Jenner's going away party, yet somehow i don't have a single photo of her?? :( I guess a socialite like herself was mixing and mingling too much to stay put for a pic, or perhaps i just wasn't on my paparazzi A-game.

But there was quite a crowd...

and it was full of people i love...

(*disclaimer: still edge, staged photo)

I hate jager. Erin made me do it.

i wore a sassy outfit. I would've felt like a hussy if it wasn't a party filled primarily with american apparel employees. "WEIRD, BUT SEXY."

p.s. I don't mean that as an insult.

I left my camera at ryan's one day this week after a porch jam and this is one of the photos which were on my camera upon it's return.

The morning after. I had a barely-legal slumber party. Jealous??

I bought 4 pairs of these slippers at frenchies for a dollar a pair.

Stretched ears are so ugly without earrings. Beautiful day's make up for it.

I wish I could've captured many jenner moments.
I wish the cops didn't break up the party.
I wish my house would clean itself.


Sarah said...

ugghh, i have slipper envy! i had those and ruined them accidently, and now every time i see them they have a tag on them that says 30 dollars or something equally as wild. shittt, they think a bitch made of money??

becky said...

YEAH. i gots a pair of thos eslippers in 15 days. is it really 15 days, this is SUPER crazy.

rhiannnnnon said...

i want those slipperssssss!!!!! at rob's cottage they had a zillion pair and we wore them all the time and i wanted to steal them and couldnt and i havent been able to find them since!!!!! i wantttttt!!!!!!