Monday, April 28, 2008

tea and cobbler.

one thing i love about halifax is that almost every day feels nostalgic. Imagine a place where every day feels like a wonderful day you've once lived, read in a book, or seen in a movie.

That is my life.

but even though things are fab, lately I have been nostalgic for toronto a little bit. (only a little)

here is a list of things I miss about toronto, and even oakville (other than my beautiful friends) which i have been feeling nostalgic about:

1. $2 jet fuel soy mochas

2. I know this is friend-related, but we don't talk any more so i feel like it is relevant: I miss leo. the "end" of that friendship was so weird.

3. bike riding everywhere. soon i will do that here though.

4. Kensington market. sunny afternoons at the hot box cafe...

5. 24 hour transit, even though i know ttc is on strike now.

6. celebrity sightings

7. smoking a little joint to myself after a long day of work on my lovely (former) patio.

8. $3 wine on ann's patio

9. I actually just loved all of last summer at ann's house, even though it wasn't super exciting. it was just nice, and sunny, and full of love and a non-judgemental family.

10. badminton

11. skipping stones at the park

12. daytime drinking with fiona (i know...i said no friend stuff...)

13. having that half hour a day to myself to walk dottie and smoke a j and think about life.

14. fresh squeezed carrot/beet/apple juice from booster juice

this summer i am excited to rise to the challenge of having the best summer ever. I wish lindsay and ben could be here, but they will be busy having the best summer's ever in their respected destinations.

summer love fun list coming soon.

also, cribs, featuring my house.


BECKY said...

we will have the best summer. summer of friend love.

Rex Venom said...

Oakville, eh?
Have a fun summer
Rock on!

rhubarbcrisp said...

Robyn, my email address is
If you could maybe please email me Becky's new home address so that I can finish filling in the envelope that would be most wonderful. I have letters awaiting all you folks in halifax that are just screaming to be sent so that we can spend some summer together again through the miracle of mail!

jo said...

i hope you have a great summer! last summer was fun! i will have a good one too in parkdale, and i will for sure come visit!