Monday, May 28, 2007

a secret study conducted by a super sleuth...


Do this thing:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Talkin' 'bout the young folks....

Only one week until the Gladstone Grad Exhibit.
Less than a week until my brother gets here.
One week until my parents get here,


that snuck up on me.

I am nervous. really, i am. But it's a big deal, plus I haven't seen the family seen Christmas. Now I know why Jo wasn't as excited and outgoing at her big birthday party last year as I would've thought she would be...having something be that much "about you" in the eyes of your family and friends is insane. It is going to be equally as exhausting as it is seemingly exciting.

Thank god for people like Colleen to keep me grounded and sane. She takes good care of me...tomorrow night will be a nice night of fun to contrast the growing nerves inside of me!

**fingers crossed that the dress fits.

In other news, I had a dream last night that I went home to see friends and Ben had gotten all these random tattoos on his arm, including this hilarious tattoo of a clam shell opening up to show a blue chiclet inside. I can vividly remember Lindsay's laugh in the dream and that little clap she does when something funny and random happens...I think i am going to sit on my patio and draw it in my sketchbook today.

also, CONGRATULATIONS ALEXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when do i get my wedding invite!?!?


shout-out to emily dexter!! <3

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do you ever find that when you're not at home all you think about are the things you need to do at home, or that you just wanna be in your room or your space or your pajamas?
But then once you're there you feel frantic about being elsewhere? of those moments.

I need some new mags or something. A little cut and paste never broke a heart.

(well, not in my lifetime.)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


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I spent a few days in Niagara with this boy.

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and even though I got way too intoxicated because of local "townies", his amazing mama still gave me these beauties from her garden...

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and now I feel giddy like this.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ooooooooooooh heavens........


i am totally addicted to watching things like these:

ooooooooh god.

Funny how little it takes to feel complete!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

summer in the 'burbs...

feels like the virgin suicides.

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one day i will figure out how to make it so my pictures don't get cropped, but that day isn't today.

I feel it all...

My summer must include the following:

-a tan
-romping in tall grass and/or rolling down grassy hills
-wine on patios
-breakfast on patios (off to a great start)
-concert and festivals and culture
-a road trip
-THE BEST WEDDING EVERRRRRR (i love you alexis)
-bike rides
-pot lucks
-kite flying with clayton
-an amazing cottage adventure (anyone want to chip in on renting a cottage for a few days??)

I want this to be an amazing summer. I want it to top summer '03. THIS WILL BE HARD BUT I BELIEVE IN US.

I need a digital camera. but do I need it more than I need a cruiser bike? It's a tough call.
I also need a new polaroid camera. Ebay a-hoy-hoy.

I miss colleen. I miss lindsay. I miss everyone.

This week:

TOMORROW!! it is going to be 26 degrees outside! I am going to wear short shorts, make jo and I a patio breakfast, and then we are off to fiona and megans for some wine, frisbee, badminton (hopefully!) and snacks....sound's perfectly perfect if you ask me.

Wednesday- work and then CLAYTONNNNN. I am making him a cutesy dinner....swoooooooon!

Thursday- Toronto for Clayton's gallery opening at the Sandra Ainsley gallery in the distillery....if anyone wants to come there will be cheap (probably FREE wine) and great glass made by my beau and my friends in the glass studio.

Saturday-FASHION CARES!!!!!!!!!! DITA VON TEESE AND $1000.00 TICKET FOR FREEEEEEE. jealous? you should be!

also, i have been thinking a lot about sarah dennis lately. what a cute person....i can't wait to come home and see everyone this summer!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I think i will talk about things that excite me.

I have been thinking a lot about when I get to move to Toronto. I am thinking about how much I will miss my roomies, but how excited I am to live with Colleen. I am excited to gain a "young professional" distintion. That is how I would love my house to be; that of a young professional...Nice and clean, youthful yet mature, unique and comfortable. I want it to be great for entertaining. I want it to be a comfortable spot for us to be together, but also big enough to have our respected time apart. I want it to be bright, old and full of character, but in good working condition. I want it to be in an area with a great sense of community, and one that is practical for her school and my...whatever.

Am I asking a lot?
But I also think that with a little time in effort put into the hunt, we will be able to find the perfect place.

Now, I am not limiting my search by any means, but since I have had lots of time to think, here are some things that my dream place would have:

-Hardwood floors. (shouldn't be hard)
-NOT a basement apartment
-A patio and/or porch.
-Bright, bright, sunny, and bright
-A nice, clean kitchen with well-working appliances. The kitchen MUST have a window. This is essential.
-A nice, clean bathroom. The tub doesn't have to be perfect but it would be nice if it was in good enough condition that having a bath doesn't seem risky.
-High ceilings
-A kitchen area big enough to eat in, or a dining area
-Bay windows or A bay window
-Located in a house of some sort....No high rises or buildings that feel like apartment buildings.
-Close to a grocery store or some sort of market
-Central area or a close walk/bike ride to downtown

Okay, so basically I just really would love to live in a house in Kensington. I feel like every place there is what I am describing...Think of all the good vintage clothing we would have first pick of!!!

I really want a vintage bedframe/headboard. I need a bed anyways...maybe a trip to Frealton is in the near future??

anyways it should be nice. I can't wait to have fresh flowers and buy new things that aren't going to be ruined by animals or rowdy boys.

I really am open minded...2 people will be sharing the space...but wouldn't it be nice for us girls to have a space that feels comforting after being put in situations that remind us on a daily basis how far we really are from home?

tra la la!