Thursday, May 24, 2007

Talkin' 'bout the young folks....

Only one week until the Gladstone Grad Exhibit.
Less than a week until my brother gets here.
One week until my parents get here,


that snuck up on me.

I am nervous. really, i am. But it's a big deal, plus I haven't seen the family seen Christmas. Now I know why Jo wasn't as excited and outgoing at her big birthday party last year as I would've thought she would be...having something be that much "about you" in the eyes of your family and friends is insane. It is going to be equally as exhausting as it is seemingly exciting.

Thank god for people like Colleen to keep me grounded and sane. She takes good care of me...tomorrow night will be a nice night of fun to contrast the growing nerves inside of me!

**fingers crossed that the dress fits.

In other news, I had a dream last night that I went home to see friends and Ben had gotten all these random tattoos on his arm, including this hilarious tattoo of a clam shell opening up to show a blue chiclet inside. I can vividly remember Lindsay's laugh in the dream and that little clap she does when something funny and random happens...I think i am going to sit on my patio and draw it in my sketchbook today.

also, CONGRATULATIONS ALEXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when do i get my wedding invite!?!?


shout-out to emily dexter!! <3


alexis said...

the invitations are in the works.

whats your address? (send it to me on facebook)

Em said...

aww lookie I got a heart and everything!!!! Your going to do amazing and your parents will be so proud of you! Good luck ducky! Em