Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i owe you one.

oh godddd.
so behind on the blogging. Life has been CRAZY TALK.

Between adjusting to the new job (love it, hate the commute), home improving (painted my new room- see below- and started to re-grout the countertops. Honestly, for 25 bucks of your own money you can re-grout a bathroom, kitchen counter or back splash, etc....and make a WORLD of difference in a rental unit. Here is a how-to link.) trying (failing...) to get to the gym, general errands and house keeping, PLUS trying to see Amir and friends, I am seriously tapped out.


Oh! AND mail! dear goodness, i MUST fit that in or else I can't stay sane.

one thing at a time loves.

So OMG THE NEW HOUSE. Lindsay and I are moving next door into the other half of the house I am attached to! It is a 4 bedroom house, and just the two of us. sigh. so nice and calm and .....wait. Pony lives there too. so I guess that makes 3 of us and a not so calm house. Actually, no. I shouldn't say that. He is going to chill the fuck out with all that mansion to run about in. Seriously, this place is huge. Its like a legit family home. We are so lucky. and i don't have to leave my vegetable garden! wee!

Although the single most exciting thing about the house (dishwasher aside), is DEFINITELY the craft room, having a new bedroom to work with has inspired me to go in a whole new direction with my room. Here are some rooms that are inspiring my new bedroom decor:

I've already painted my room a really vibrant, semi-gloss white and It already has "honey brown" natural wood trim and built-ins. I am kind of sad that the person prior to me did such a crummy job and got paint all over the trim, but whatever. I am installing white floating shelves low on the wall beside my bed as side tables. Also, now that we have so much space I can really have my room as minimal as possible, which is refreshing. I think I need a plant though. and I can't wait to color co-ordinate my books.

I will post some pictures as soon as it is near-completion. Consider this part one of a series of recent-news related posts. I am adjusting to the routine, so hopefully blogging will become regular part of it.


Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't care how lame this makes me...

Me, Lindsay and Kira all had our minds blown by this dance while watching "So you think you can dance" during craft night.

Have you guys aactually ever watched that show?! Its so sexually charged that all of us were blushing. Some of the dancers have so much chemistry that you feel like you're intruding on a very personal moment. or, like lindsay, you feel a little hot and bothered.

p.s. so i haven't posted in awhile. life is busy. xo

Sunday, January 18, 2009

scrapbooking for adults.

a new zine I am working on for swap-bot. The theme was "100 things that make you happy". (i didn't choose the theme, but i am managing to work with it)

*click images to enlarge*

i have so many more to do. I will try to post them as i go. also, due to my ego i thought i should mention that although these kinda look photoshopped, it is all hand collaged.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

To wear with my eelskin leggings.

new shoes.
not as hot in this picture as the are IRL.

a steal at only 45 plus tax!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

everything she got best believe she bought it

as much as i wish i could have everything i ever wanted handed to me, i am really glad my parents taught me the value of hard work.

in a brief recap of other news:

-my new job RULES and i actually know what i am doing which surprised me lol
-i am moving into the 4 bdrm house attached to my current place with lindsay stewart on feb 1st. a big ol' comfy home for just the two of us, and our craft supplies...

which leads me to my last point:


new bedding i want to order. picture this with a nice solid color area rug, natural linen drapes, white walls, black framed artwork, and the honey colored built-in dresser/closet and window frames. yummers.

living room:

some throw cushions for the sofa...

living room side table


kitchen table

i don't know what i will do with many of my existing items (hawk lamp, bamboo frame love seat, etc.) but there is plenty of house to figure it all out!!

weeee :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

artful accessories spring/summer 2009

Taher Chemirik

Stella McCartney

Oscar De la Renta

Nina Ricci


John Galliano

Hervé Van der Straeten


you were a god-damned genius.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

mem-mem update.

hey guys.

so i guess you're all probably wondering the story behind my mom's surgery. I've received a lot of love from everyone which I am very thankful for (as is she) and I owe it to everyone to explain what happened.

It all started like 3 weeks ago or so. My mom was walking our family dog and slipped and smashed the back of her head on some ice. The silly lady even kept walking the dog even though she was only like 5 minutes from home. She says now she thought she was going to pass out when it happened. She brushed it off as a concussion and didn't go to the doctor. My mom is the kind of lady that can't be bothered to wait for things (like emergency rooms) and doesn't like to burden anyone else at all.

So over the holidays my mom was recovering from her concussion, but on New Years Eve she started feeling a little hazy and was complaining to my dad about her eye bothering her a bit. They went to the Emergency room and after lots of testing they diagnosed her with post-concussion trauma. They sent her home and told her to rest.

On new years day, she started acting a lot stranger. That night, she started losing some feeling in her legs, and when she went to stand up she toppled over. She went to get ready for bed, brushed her teeth, fell of the toilet, and then went to brush her teeth again not realizing she had already done it. My dad was really, really worried and decided to take her to emergency first thing in the morning.

By the time they got her to the emergency room they rushed her in right away. She was delirious- she thought it was 1961, and when asked if she had spoken to anyone that day, she answered "my mom". (she passed away in 1983). They did a cat scan and realized that she had severe trauma and bleeding in her brain. They immediately told my dad they needed to operate that night and she could pass away if they didn't act fast.

My dad called me at 1:30 in the afternoon and told me. Well, all he said was "your mom is having brain surgery tonight. she hurt her head when she fell walking Rosie". Thats basically it. I was so scared. I had no idea why, what was happening, and I was so worried about her being so scared. (I later found out all of the other stuff leading up to the hospital, so she wasn't even aware that she was there. It wasn't even until about 8 hours after the operation that she realized she was hospitalized). It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. She went in for surgery at 5pm and we didn't see her until 8:30 or so. She looked like a little old woman. Half of her head was shaved and her skin looked like paper. She was mumbling and still confused. The actual procedure required them to drill holes in her skull and drain all of the blood from the concussion. She has 15 staples in her head and this tube coming from it which collects all of the blood which is still draining. The problem with her eye that she had been complaining about was actual blood clotting.

They said she would be home by tomorrow but now they are saying Tuesday at the earliest. She has all of her motor skills and is being super positive. I am so proud of her. She is off of the IV as of today and was eating solid (shitty) hospital food the day after the operation. what a trooper. She keeps joking about her hair and saying she will shave the other side too and have a mohawk. (haha). Does anyone have any good suggestions for age appropriate hats she could wear until her hair grows in?

I think the hardest part for her will be the 6 weeks of cabin-fevered house arrest she is on while she heals. Dad is going to be super over protective of her and her clumsiness while she is home. She is a very active person by nature so there will be a lot of time for her to watch tv/movies, read, and gain back the 10lbs she lost while sick. I am trying to suggest her some things to do which are low intensity while she is home. I think yoga might be good because it will keep her feeling fit which is something important to her.

i've been in visiting her multiple times a day and like i said, she seems to be doing good. today she looked more tired than before and a little bit down, but her skin had more color and she seemed very present and normal to converse with. I start my new job tomorrow, but I hopefully will get to visit her tomorrow night when I get home.

whew. thanks for the love everyone. Now go tell your family how much you love them.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

my mom is in the hospital. she unexpectedly had to have brain surgery last night.

my new years resolution has officially been bumped from "learn the entire dance routine to 'single ladies' " to "spend more time with my family".


Thursday, January 1, 2009

walk this way

i am in the market for some new footwear.

these sweet nothings are from urban outfitters.