Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i owe you one.

oh godddd.
so behind on the blogging. Life has been CRAZY TALK.

Between adjusting to the new job (love it, hate the commute), home improving (painted my new room- see below- and started to re-grout the countertops. Honestly, for 25 bucks of your own money you can re-grout a bathroom, kitchen counter or back splash, etc....and make a WORLD of difference in a rental unit. Here is a how-to link.) trying (failing...) to get to the gym, general errands and house keeping, PLUS trying to see Amir and friends, I am seriously tapped out.


Oh! AND mail! dear goodness, i MUST fit that in or else I can't stay sane.

one thing at a time loves.

So OMG THE NEW HOUSE. Lindsay and I are moving next door into the other half of the house I am attached to! It is a 4 bedroom house, and just the two of us. sigh. so nice and calm and .....wait. Pony lives there too. so I guess that makes 3 of us and a not so calm house. Actually, no. I shouldn't say that. He is going to chill the fuck out with all that mansion to run about in. Seriously, this place is huge. Its like a legit family home. We are so lucky. and i don't have to leave my vegetable garden! wee!

Although the single most exciting thing about the house (dishwasher aside), is DEFINITELY the craft room, having a new bedroom to work with has inspired me to go in a whole new direction with my room. Here are some rooms that are inspiring my new bedroom decor:

I've already painted my room a really vibrant, semi-gloss white and It already has "honey brown" natural wood trim and built-ins. I am kind of sad that the person prior to me did such a crummy job and got paint all over the trim, but whatever. I am installing white floating shelves low on the wall beside my bed as side tables. Also, now that we have so much space I can really have my room as minimal as possible, which is refreshing. I think I need a plant though. and I can't wait to color co-ordinate my books.

I will post some pictures as soon as it is near-completion. Consider this part one of a series of recent-news related posts. I am adjusting to the routine, so hopefully blogging will become regular part of it.



Eleanor Magpie said...

How exciting for you!
I would love to have a house to decorate.

brokes said...

So excited for your new place! Love those pics you posted of interior design stuff, really nice and pretty. Read my blog recently? lol. I went crazy. I have a snowday. Get high with me later. xo.

Sarah said...

can't wait to see it IRL! that time can't come soon enough!

Ashley said...

mmm love the second and last room.