Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

at least its funny?

Is this actually a joke?? This is honestly a failure of epic proportions. I'm gonna have to email this to Costa since he likes to be up-to-date on his sasquatch sightings.

Its like this car crash I can't turn away from. I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld just ran out of ideas and thought "well, they'll buy anything with a chanel logo on it so lets just see how far we can push it."?

But on the plus side, how hilarious will it be to see the idiot celebrities wearing fur pants just because they're Chanel? AWESOME.

Oh Stella

Unlike the majority of other designers who took the eighties structured trend WAY too far for Fall 2010, once again Stella has found the perfect happy medium between trend-driven form and her organic design sense.

Its just so easy. and simple. in the right way.
Don't get me wrong- there are a few pieces that I seem like flight risks to me (not shown and for good reason), but at the end of the day my inner young professional wants to wear all of these pieces and I'm buying nude shoes next week. I'm sold.

Okay, lets just ignore the fact that I just posted about Fall clothing in the middle of July and skip right to her resort 2011 collection.

and THAT is how you look like a lady in 2011. I'm bananas for it.