Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Farrah Fawcett tribute.

will be via my hair appointment in 2 weeks.

R.I.P. Iconic Blonde.
This place:

plus this guy:

equals a very exhausting week for the costandi designs team. We pulled it off in style, and I feel extremely proud of our teamwork. Designing/Staging start to finish is a tough and extremely creatively fulfilling process.

I will post pics soon! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009



some one ride bikes with me!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ask not what you can do for your hairstylist, but what they can do for you.

Mine has given me the best "no maintenance" hair cut ever. Its been a good 2 or 3 months since my last cut/color. This is literally me washing my hair, blow drying my bangs, and walking out the door with the rest of my hair sopping wet.

To join the alexis kelsall waiting list, go here.

p.s. alexis, i love that your profile includes "double dutch" as one of your interests. haha

Monday, June 8, 2009

you the fuckin' best

oh lordy. my favorite degrassi heart throb HAAAAAAD to go and become a sezy rap superstar.


you know, i'm really glad they didn't spoil the potential for his rap career by making a "jimmy the rapper" subplot on degrassi. that would've changed this entirely. am i wrong?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

sweet dreams

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009


Oh wow! What a fun Sunday!

I woke up kind of early and had one of those "get-up-and-go" attitudes. I was really excited for the fixed gear race that Zane was going to be competing in, and for lounging around on the commons. It was supposed to be 20 degrees out, which is the perfect temp for bike riding. I also had a goal of not bringing my cell phone with me all day (I KNOW. SHOCKING.) And not spending any money.

My day started off great especially because I had the perfect biking outfit. The shorts have stretch and the shirt is thin cotton so it breaths so well. This short was the best second-hand score I have found in awhile. I think it may become my shirt of the summer.

Anyways I slipped on some keds and hopped on my bike and met amir before work for a bike ride around the South end. Zane joined us and we went to point pleasant park a bit, and then we headed over to the commons to check out the bike races.
The mens open crit was first. HOLY CRAP THEY ARE SO FAST. It was a 1.8 km loop around the commons which they had to do 40 times. FOURTY! How would you even keep track of that in your head while focusing on riding as fast as you could?? Fuck, I couldn't do it, thats for sure.

Amir had to go to work at the cafe so Zane and I biked over to registration and then down to the Kelsall's so he could get ready, aka, dress like a basketball player. haha. i love zane.
We biked back downtown to the cafe and I had a pain du chocolat (ugh sooo filling on a biker's belly) and a wicked macciato. (is that how you spell it??) Amir is seriously getting so good at coffee. Although, it was the first time I ever had a drink with real milk, so maybe that was part of it. haha

We had a nice little visit and scooted back up to the commons where Lindsay joined us! yay! We watched the most mezmorizing capoeira demonstration. It is actually so amazing. They are so fluid when they dance/fight. For anyone who doesn't know what capoeira is you should look at this youtube video. It isn't quite the same as watching Halifax north-enders doing it, but you'll see the movements I mean.

My favorite part of the demo was when this stunning pregnant woman was doing it and her belly swished around with her movements. hehe

Anyways FINALLY IT WAS TIME FOR THE BIG RACE! Initially we were told there were 21 riders but I later found out there were 27. Zane's first race ever and he had set his goal not to be lapped. It was 5 laps around the commons as fast as you could basically.

BOY OH BOY HE KILLED IT!!! Not only did he not get lapped, but he placed 10th! (wait, maybe 11th, BUT STILL!!!) I was so proud! Me and Lindsay cheered for him so loudly and I felt like a soccer mom. He beat all the fixed gear nerds that work at the shop, and he was so proud of himself too. It was such a great vibe on the commons all day and it gave me that "God I love Halifax" feeling.

I went home for awhile to catch up with all the sun I had until later when I biked over and joined Amir with the Kelsall's at their house for some celebratory beer and pizza. Jenner and Lindsay biked over and we had a killer double dutch session. It was seriously such a great day. I managed to go all day without spending a cent (other than on cat food) and I got lots of sunshine.

I woke up in my comfy bed today (8 pillows, 2 foam mattress pads, and a down duvet) to this awesome sunburn:

I'm not even bummed. It'll be a tan soon enough and it was the best day so far this season. I can't wait to go swimming and do more outdoor activities all summer long.

Long Live Hali Summers.