Monday, July 28, 2008

complete and utter indulgence.

i can't wait to shop in toronto.

Monday, July 21, 2008

today i went to my parents house...

and raided their record collection.

fleetwood mac- rumors
elton john- goodbye yellow brick road
david bowie- lets dance
wings- greatest
the velvet underground- loaded
the knack- get the knack
kiss- alive I and II
bruce springsteen- the river
stevie wonder- music of my mind
led zeppelin- self titled
jimi hendrix experience- smash hits
the beach boys- endless summer
led zeppelin- II
led zeppelin- IV
the rolling stones- hot rocks 1964-1971
janis joplin- in concert
queen- a night at the opera
bob dylan- john wesley harding
neil young- harvest
carly simon- playing possum
alice cooper- school's out
bruce springsteen- nebraska

also, when stated to my dad by becky: "jeeze you guys were huge hippies! you must've smoked a lot of pot!" he responded with:

"no stems, no seeds is good for me!"



jo is here!

she leaves tomorrow sadly, but here are the things we have been doing (and my excuse for no entries) in quick "while-she-is-sleeping" format:

thursday: karaoke. messy. fun.

friday: 3 pools with becky and krista. girl time. sunshine. majestic. nature. waterfalls. 10:30 bedtime

saturday: summer sonic day 1 with alex. tokyo police club. WEAKERTHANS (yes yes yes) city and color? revs (ew) tried to go to deerhoof but our free drinks never made it. burn out. bed by 12.

sunday: lunch at paper chase with lindsay slade, becky and jo. window shopping. weed. summer sonic day 2: black keys, WINTERSLEEP, STARS in the pouring rain. kelly, noah, alex too. fun. wet. worth it.

today: RAIN. the dark knight at 12:30. mom and dads at 6. fajitas at beckys later. om nom nom.

i swear it has been more fun than this format details, but its too fun for computers.

expect more come her departure tomorrow and my lonely nights in hotels for work this week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bad diary days

amir left for bosnia on sunday and it sucks.


REALLY sucks.

I am trying really, really hard to be posi because its not even that long compared to what i would have been used to in the past but for some reason it seems a million times worse and a million times harder than i ever imagined.

its so stupid. its just a few weeks but i feel like i have the heaviest boots ever and no amount of love and affection from my amazing friends has helped*. (i love you guys.)

(*jo gale gets here thursday. this may/will in fact help.)

anyways the hardest part is the fact that i can't just talk to him whenever i want. when we have been apart before at least we weren't limited in our communication. In bosnia (which is 5 hours ahead of us) it is hard to get high-speed internet, we probably wont get to talk on the phone (well...maybe. and briefly.) and he had to get a temporary bosnian phone number when he was there so i can't text him and he can hardly text me (at 60 cents a text those babies add up) unless of course he puts his north american sim card in and THEN receives my text and then writes me back.

its just so tough. yesterday i had an awful day (pms/migraine/barfing/car got scratched up bad in a parking lot/having to find new ppl to come to toronto with us/FLEAS) and just the fact that i can't hear back from him right away to make me feel better is so hard. Obviously my hormones are perfectly timed to make these initial few days a million times harder on me than i would have liked. obviously he would've texted me back in a heartbeat if he wasn't there, obviously i am just driving myself crazy, but i hate it.

its just like that feeling of someone you love being a little "off" and your belly is squishy bad at all times and you just want reassurance and you just want a little hug and kiss to make it all better. but instead i am stuck waiting 2 weeks until i get that. i know he loves me, i have no doubts about that, but i am a girl and he is a boy and i am a wuss and i just wanna feel missed. no matter what a person can say, its always going to be about what you don't know.

i feel guilty for being so sad because i want him to have a great vacation and a nice time travelling. i know my annoying mopey texts aren't making me any more desirable. he should never have to feel guilty being on a fabulous vacation and seeing family and beautiful sights.

i am a really bad liar. (which makes me a good friend). i can't just pretend to be happy for him, i want to truly be happy for him. i think i will feel that way once jo gets here and times starts to move a little and i adjust to the time apart from him. it's just been a bad few days. i am really in love and i am not scared to admit that i will always feel more comfortable when amir is around. we have spoken every day in one form or another since the day we started dating (and even before that) and i feel completely out of my comfort zone.

oh. and it's 6 months today.

love hurts. don't do it.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Turned into this:

also, pony has fleas. its a huge bummer.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


a personal favorite.

(also, check out April 77....fuck, so good but no pics to post sadly.)





i think i am just gonna make a bunch of hot outfit posts today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

West Jeddore

pics from an afternoon spent walking the shores of west jeddore.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today I had my first experience with the colleen-henman-esque feeling of: "holy crap i just need to go for a walk to the salvation army RIGHT NOW." You know, no thought just NOW and then you up and leave? Anyways, I found SOOOO much good stuff:

This amazing pastel BODY SUIT. Seriously, it such a dancer outfit. I would never normally post me in my "underwear" but its too good not to share:

seriously: not my underwear: IT'S ONE PIECE. fuck yeah!

new little shirt/skirt combo!

The skirt is super soft cotton so it wrinkles easily but i love it. It's actually really lightweight for the summer. And the shirt is so Colleen I had to have it.

And it has pockets!!


I took them to the cash and it was HALF OFF HAPPY HOURS. I just bought all of that for $7.76.

Today it was good to be me!