Monday, July 21, 2008

today i went to my parents house...

and raided their record collection.

fleetwood mac- rumors
elton john- goodbye yellow brick road
david bowie- lets dance
wings- greatest
the velvet underground- loaded
the knack- get the knack
kiss- alive I and II
bruce springsteen- the river
stevie wonder- music of my mind
led zeppelin- self titled
jimi hendrix experience- smash hits
the beach boys- endless summer
led zeppelin- II
led zeppelin- IV
the rolling stones- hot rocks 1964-1971
janis joplin- in concert
queen- a night at the opera
bob dylan- john wesley harding
neil young- harvest
carly simon- playing possum
alice cooper- school's out
bruce springsteen- nebraska

also, when stated to my dad by becky: "jeeze you guys were huge hippies! you must've smoked a lot of pot!" he responded with:

"no stems, no seeds is good for me!"



AngelaAlways said...

what a great pull!
i have some proper classics in my collection thanks to mum and dad

Lindsay said...

I'm listening to fleetwood mac RIGHT NOW

That Wings is a KEEPER

Actually they're all great.
Did I tell you about the time I met Alice Cooper?

danyela said...

rumours!!!! <3 !!!

Anonymous said...

fuck youre ugly