Monday, July 21, 2008


jo is here!

she leaves tomorrow sadly, but here are the things we have been doing (and my excuse for no entries) in quick "while-she-is-sleeping" format:

thursday: karaoke. messy. fun.

friday: 3 pools with becky and krista. girl time. sunshine. majestic. nature. waterfalls. 10:30 bedtime

saturday: summer sonic day 1 with alex. tokyo police club. WEAKERTHANS (yes yes yes) city and color? revs (ew) tried to go to deerhoof but our free drinks never made it. burn out. bed by 12.

sunday: lunch at paper chase with lindsay slade, becky and jo. window shopping. weed. summer sonic day 2: black keys, WINTERSLEEP, STARS in the pouring rain. kelly, noah, alex too. fun. wet. worth it.

today: RAIN. the dark knight at 12:30. mom and dads at 6. fajitas at beckys later. om nom nom.

i swear it has been more fun than this format details, but its too fun for computers.

expect more come her departure tomorrow and my lonely nights in hotels for work this week.

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