Sunday, March 23, 2008

i said "you don't even know"


if you had a little tiny camera that you hid in my homemade soup, and i swallowed it
(without accidentally chewing it up first, in the instance that perhaps it was amongst a chunk of vegetable that required a lil' mushing with my tongue or teeth)
and that camera made it down my throat and into my stomach, on your live action tv screen, you would find my stomach performing a dynamic gymnastics routine- full of back hand-springs, cartwheels, and maybe even one of those fancy colorful ribbon things, swirling and whirling, and full of excitement.

i can only assume that's what is going on down there right now, because it sure feels like it!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

she said she was going home, i said i'd be fine by myself.

its funny how there are elements of your life which seem so pivotal, but you manage to forget the little parts.

like when i went to NYC in 2003 (wow....2003. that was 5 years ago and it feels like yesterday) i saw coheed and cambria at the knitting factory.


thats crazy.

how did i forget?

maybe the other nights event's over-shadowed it (probably) or maybe i just chose to forget a lot about that 36 hours.

i remember losing my wallet in new jersey in butt-fuck no where and thinking i would never get back into canada.
but i did.

i remember before we got to the border.. i had the worst hangover/migraine of my life...and all i wanted was a baked potato from wendy's and ryan went in with cait, joie, adam, and katie while i stayed in the car. they ate, (ryan got a baked potato) and on the way out he tried to order me my potato and it turned out he had the last one.

they kept that secret for about a year. it was a silly accident but they kept that a secret for a year.

seriously? i remember THAT over coheed's set?


until recently i had forgotten that i saw saves the day in detroit.

i LOVE that band. so so much.

and i forgot.

but i remember fighting the night before....and giving kevin the worst haircut of his life on scott's porch that morning.

and tori wearing a bronte zoo crew shirt (the black one with the pumpkin) at the train station before we took the train to windsor together.

it cost me $11 because scottie ATMOI (current cancer bats) worked at the oakville via rail station. it cost kevin $51 because scott didn't know him.

think about how long an average person lives.

SOOO much happens in a lifetime.

and i feel like i could write a pretty juicy book already.
not that many would read it, judging from my blog comments.


the people who read this are the only real audience i would want anyways.

it's nice to be selective.

the best and the worst of the maritimes

Becky just came to visit!

10 days of fun and tourism!

i wish that everyone could love tourism and justify spending money on learning about history and nature and such. you pay so much for school, what's another ten to go to a museum?

although, word to the wise: wednesday's after 5 you can go to the museum of natural history for free! go! you will be amazed and so happy that you did! Rhiannon was meant to see this museum: canadiana history, mikmaq history, canadian wild life! it is honestly MADE for her.
(there is an extra push for a visit my love)

i had a lot of really treasured moments this past week which make me understand how much i love it here. i know i am supposed to be here. i feel at home. i am so glad all of the things i missed about halifax are still alive and kicking and make me feel alive and kicking.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i luff


ohhhhh my.

look what jo has gone and done.

she loves me! she really loves me!

this is one of the sweetest things anything has ever done for me. Sorry it's mirrored; it reads " 905.902".

le sigh.

this rules. this seriously rules. i am at a loss for words.

thank you so much sis. I want a visit. Is that too much to ask? put me on your forearm forever AND fly halfway across the country to see me? gimme gimme gimme.


a list of activities making me happy lately:

-bingo nights
-board game nights
-dog shows
-4:20 sundays
-clothing swaps
-letter writing
-cooking with amir
-hang outs with girls
-hang outs with boys
-burrito bike saturdays
-going to the gym
-dancing in my kitchen, in my living room, in my bedroom and in my car.

a list of upcoming activities while becky is here!

-going to the market on saturday
-free all ages HC show
-casino adventures! (i get some casino v-cards that night...FEELIN' LUCKY/GETTIN' LUCKY)
-Biggie tribute night/bed pre-drink party
-trivia for beer at rogues
-bingo at the sportsplex
-lasagna night at mom and pop's
-frenchies trip to the valley
-keiths brewery tour
-burrito bike!

those are the for sures. we have so much else to do! the time is going to fly!

3 sleeps!