Wednesday, March 19, 2008

she said she was going home, i said i'd be fine by myself.

its funny how there are elements of your life which seem so pivotal, but you manage to forget the little parts.

like when i went to NYC in 2003 (wow....2003. that was 5 years ago and it feels like yesterday) i saw coheed and cambria at the knitting factory.


thats crazy.

how did i forget?

maybe the other nights event's over-shadowed it (probably) or maybe i just chose to forget a lot about that 36 hours.

i remember losing my wallet in new jersey in butt-fuck no where and thinking i would never get back into canada.
but i did.

i remember before we got to the border.. i had the worst hangover/migraine of my life...and all i wanted was a baked potato from wendy's and ryan went in with cait, joie, adam, and katie while i stayed in the car. they ate, (ryan got a baked potato) and on the way out he tried to order me my potato and it turned out he had the last one.

they kept that secret for about a year. it was a silly accident but they kept that a secret for a year.

seriously? i remember THAT over coheed's set?


until recently i had forgotten that i saw saves the day in detroit.

i LOVE that band. so so much.

and i forgot.

but i remember fighting the night before....and giving kevin the worst haircut of his life on scott's porch that morning.

and tori wearing a bronte zoo crew shirt (the black one with the pumpkin) at the train station before we took the train to windsor together.

it cost me $11 because scottie ATMOI (current cancer bats) worked at the oakville via rail station. it cost kevin $51 because scott didn't know him.

think about how long an average person lives.

SOOO much happens in a lifetime.

and i feel like i could write a pretty juicy book already.
not that many would read it, judging from my blog comments.


the people who read this are the only real audience i would want anyways.

it's nice to be selective.


alexis said...

this was really nice to read.

those little memories are more important in my opinon.

angelaaa said...

it's funny you should say this actually.. i've been realizing a lot of these things lately, and even better they are mostly about shows. i keep being reminded of things i have seen, and people i have seen them with. but at the same time it's almost like i NEED to be reminded, because most of my teenagehood i think i have TRIED to forget.. it's weird.

if you wrote a book, i would love to read it. i read this everyday anyway and get more and more excited each time there is a post. not only because i miss you, but because lady, you've got a way with words ...

i agree with alexis, those little memories ARE more important. they are what makes life worth living! :)

Sarah said...

for some reason i feel like you would make a really good advice columnist. happy easter!

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