Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the best and the worst of the maritimes

Becky just came to visit!

10 days of fun and tourism!

i wish that everyone could love tourism and justify spending money on learning about history and nature and such. you pay so much for school, what's another ten to go to a museum?

although, word to the wise: wednesday's after 5 you can go to the museum of natural history for free! go! you will be amazed and so happy that you did! Rhiannon was meant to see this museum: canadiana history, mikmaq history, canadian wild life! it is honestly MADE for her.
(there is an extra push for a visit my love)

i had a lot of really treasured moments this past week which make me understand how much i love it here. i know i am supposed to be here. i feel at home. i am so glad all of the things i missed about halifax are still alive and kicking and make me feel alive and kicking.


Jenny said...

you are really really really cute and I love reading your posts!

alexis said...

i miss nova scotia alot. tonight i saw a hali band play at a local bar, and BOY did it make me miss home even more.
it really felt like i was back in gus's except the beers were way bigger, and the audience was rich and uninterested.

rhiannnon said...

I AM COMMMMINNGGGGGGGGGG uggggh i cant wait to be a canadian tourisssttttttt