Saturday, January 10, 2009

everything she got best believe she bought it

as much as i wish i could have everything i ever wanted handed to me, i am really glad my parents taught me the value of hard work.

in a brief recap of other news:

-my new job RULES and i actually know what i am doing which surprised me lol
-i am moving into the 4 bdrm house attached to my current place with lindsay stewart on feb 1st. a big ol' comfy home for just the two of us, and our craft supplies...

which leads me to my last point:


new bedding i want to order. picture this with a nice solid color area rug, natural linen drapes, white walls, black framed artwork, and the honey colored built-in dresser/closet and window frames. yummers.

living room:

some throw cushions for the sofa...

living room side table


kitchen table

i don't know what i will do with many of my existing items (hawk lamp, bamboo frame love seat, etc.) but there is plenty of house to figure it all out!!

weeee :)


Andrew Neville said...

I've heard those Urban Outfitters comforters aren't very comfy, just a a heads up!

Sarah said...

i can't wait to come to halifax and spend the night in the new lindsay/robyn palace!

girlaxia said...

i LOVE that yellow table..actually i believe rhiannon and frank bought that.

and colin and i have the black ikea couch! ^_^


Amir Sabanovic said...

Haha, I don't know why I think it's so funny that you said lol.

jo said...

she got her own house.. her own car... two jobs work hard... you a bad broad...

something about your post reminded me of the lyrics from this bad hip hop song... which i do not know the title of... that i am forced to listen to at work