Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I think i will talk about things that excite me.

I have been thinking a lot about when I get to move to Toronto. I am thinking about how much I will miss my roomies, but how excited I am to live with Colleen. I am excited to gain a "young professional" distintion. That is how I would love my house to be; that of a young professional...Nice and clean, youthful yet mature, unique and comfortable. I want it to be great for entertaining. I want it to be a comfortable spot for us to be together, but also big enough to have our respected time apart. I want it to be bright, old and full of character, but in good working condition. I want it to be in an area with a great sense of community, and one that is practical for her school and my...whatever.

Am I asking a lot?
But I also think that with a little time in effort put into the hunt, we will be able to find the perfect place.

Now, I am not limiting my search by any means, but since I have had lots of time to think, here are some things that my dream place would have:

-Hardwood floors. (shouldn't be hard)
-NOT a basement apartment
-A patio and/or porch.
-Bright, bright, sunny, and bright
-A nice, clean kitchen with well-working appliances. The kitchen MUST have a window. This is essential.
-A nice, clean bathroom. The tub doesn't have to be perfect but it would be nice if it was in good enough condition that having a bath doesn't seem risky.
-High ceilings
-A kitchen area big enough to eat in, or a dining area
-Bay windows or A bay window
-Located in a house of some sort....No high rises or buildings that feel like apartment buildings.
-Close to a grocery store or some sort of market
-Central area or a close walk/bike ride to downtown

Okay, so basically I just really would love to live in a house in Kensington. I feel like every place there is what I am describing...Think of all the good vintage clothing we would have first pick of!!!

I really want a vintage bedframe/headboard. I need a bed anyways...maybe a trip to Frealton is in the near future??

anyways it should be nice. I can't wait to have fresh flowers and buy new things that aren't going to be ruined by animals or rowdy boys.

I really am open minded...2 people will be sharing the space...but wouldn't it be nice for us girls to have a space that feels comforting after being put in situations that remind us on a daily basis how far we really are from home?

tra la la!

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angela said...

i think you should know that it makes me happy to read this because you are happy.

how lovely xox.