Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I feel it all...

My summer must include the following:

-a tan
-romping in tall grass and/or rolling down grassy hills
-wine on patios
-breakfast on patios (off to a great start)
-concert and festivals and culture
-a road trip
-THE BEST WEDDING EVERRRRRR (i love you alexis)
-bike rides
-pot lucks
-kite flying with clayton
-an amazing cottage adventure (anyone want to chip in on renting a cottage for a few days??)

I want this to be an amazing summer. I want it to top summer '03. THIS WILL BE HARD BUT I BELIEVE IN US.

I need a digital camera. but do I need it more than I need a cruiser bike? It's a tough call.
I also need a new polaroid camera. Ebay a-hoy-hoy.

I miss colleen. I miss lindsay. I miss everyone.

This week:

TOMORROW!! it is going to be 26 degrees outside! I am going to wear short shorts, make jo and I a patio breakfast, and then we are off to fiona and megans for some wine, frisbee, badminton (hopefully!) and snacks....sound's perfectly perfect if you ask me.

Wednesday- work and then CLAYTONNNNN. I am making him a cutesy dinner....swoooooooon!

Thursday- Toronto for Clayton's gallery opening at the Sandra Ainsley gallery in the distillery....if anyone wants to come there will be cheap (probably FREE wine) and great glass made by my beau and my friends in the glass studio.

Saturday-FASHION CARES!!!!!!!!!! DITA VON TEESE AND $1000.00 TICKET FOR FREEEEEEE. jealous? you should be!

also, i have been thinking a lot about sarah dennis lately. what a cute person....i can't wait to come home and see everyone this summer!


1 comment:

Sarah said...

robinalalala! sarahgoogledoodledennis loves you too!!
your summer sounds great.
come to pei and frolic in the sand!