Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Working in the "design business" (boy, that feels weird) has me consumed with how I want my own house to look (specifically my living room).

Originally, I wanted a more rustic feel, but I was struggling with finding a balance between rustic design and my feminine tastes.

I stumbled upon this room, and I am in love. it is the perfect representation of all taste in design:

I love love love the vintage elements. The tv trays as side tables, those two GORGEOUS cabinets and the built in to display all the vintage glassware...(i need something like that for my pyrex collection!!)

holy moly, i wish i could get started TODAY!


Jenny said...

How charming are those photos? Where did you stumble across this? It kind of looks like my cottage, my parents have collected vintage finds have filled the little cabin with paint-by-numbers and floor stand ash trays. So charming. xo

alexis said...

eventually when we move home and have a house, will you PLEASE help me decorate/be my interior designer?

i can't wait to have a beautiful home, but feel like i'd really need help with it.

robinacraftmoney said...

these are also from! so addicting! this is actually the winner of the reader's design competition.

Alexis, being your designer, or at least helping, would be a dream come true. but actually.

danyel said...

i love love it!!