Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something I love about Saturday afternoons is sleeping in until whenever I want (because I have no obligations to anyone but myself! wahoo!) and then making breakfast which i eat in bed, and the cuddle with my roomies watching tv. It is pretty much the best thing everrrrr.

Also, E! plays 4 back-to-back episodes of the simple life on Saturdays so I just watch that and laugh at how hilarious Nicole Richie is and then eventually I roll out of bed and do errands.

Today on the docket:

-write some letters
-make corn bread (yum!!)

In addition to this, i will probably have a wicked nap, and be super lazy even though I am trying to get in shape and fit into my old clothes again. I get the feeling that laying in bed all day and then eating homemade baked goods is probably the worst thing i could be doing right now, but i have already lost 4lbs so i am almost back into my old duds, so what is one lazy saturday??

so anyways, last night i had a spaz attack so my make myself feel better i bought some cheeba (i had been good all week too!), a bottle of organic wine, and a ring pop! Honestly, ring pops are so random and fun, if you are ever having a bad day and thinking about getting some chocolate or something to cheer you up, try a ring pop instead. nothing will make a sad girl smile more so then a huge candy ring.

so i smoke some cheeba and am sitting on the deck reading the new nylon and what do you know?? Spencer comes home all drunk and we have an awesome hilarious heart to heart on the deck while we drink more and wait for our love (colleen) to come home so we can all be cute together. Later, Leo and chris came down and we got sloppy and went on an adventure (go figure!) and ate some street (veggie) meat, and walked forever and ever until we finally got back to my house and all passed out watching batman in my gigantic cozy bed. How cute and funny and hilarious.

This weekend is going to be so great!

It is obviously off to a good start, but tonight is going to kick ass because I am hanging out with Derek and Christine and having a tattoo consultation, then coming back home where colleen and spencer are having friends over and I can finally meet some of their friends too!

Tomorrow I am going to Oakville and having tea with kalan for his birthday, going to JC's for an adorable invader zim/popcorn/big brother hangout with Jo and Jamie, and then to Ann Gale's house for Thanksgiving dinner and $3 wine. Oh! and Adrian (jo's dad) will be there! yay! After dinner I am being picked up and taken to Waterloo where I will be spending the night at Becky's moms since I have been invited there for dinner on monday night. sooo sweet. apparently we are going to "phil's" (a bar with dancing and 1.75 drinks...think retro night at the marquee circa 2003) which I am sooo stoked for.

This weekend is jam-packed, but I love long weekends, harvest time, and friends.

Next week colleen and I are having a craft night!! VIP only so you cuties will get your invites soon enough!

tralala, i miss my dog a lot but all and all, things are pretty nice right now.

picture update coming soon!

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