Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In honor of Rhiannon the great

A top ten list of things on the brain:

1. Money is "ghey" especially when you don't have any, and you're waiting for someone else to pay up.

2. I can't seem to shake this almost-a-cold. Sore throats, raspy voices (painful, though sexayyyy) and phlem (eewww!) are annoying. Honestly body: Just get sick or get well so this can be over with! FOR REALZZ

3. Crafting is awesome, mail is awesome, combining the two is awesome-est.

4. I need to do laundry. (not interesting, but it's on the brain)

5. I need to get groceries. (see above)

6. I really want to meet some more new people in Toronto. Sure, my friends are the bomb diggity and unbeatable, but it's a big city full of adventure and possibilities!

7. Not having a crush on someone is boring. (I know this is good for me, and I don't want a bf right now...but that doesn't change the fact that it is BORRRR-INGGGGG)

8. I need to go dancing again/more. Sunday night was such a tease!

9. 2 months until Dougie comes home to visit! (8 weeks makes it sound sooner)

10. I need to get out and enjoy this fall weather before it's gone! UGHHH HARVEST ADVENTUREZZZ

wow, this is pretty uninteresting. Better to be uninteresting than dramatic, oui?


rhianimator said...

i love this!!!!

Sarah said...

i really think you and my friend tessa should become new friends! she just moved to toronto and is living on shaw and college(i think)
she's from pei, and you know what that makes her!!! AMAZING!!!