Monday, November 5, 2007

"did you date a lot in high school?"

"..were you always chasing girls?"

so yeah.

whats been going on?


honestly, it doesn't even matter what has been going on, it's all about what's coming on...CHRISTMAS, AKA MY TRIP HOME TO HALIFAX TO SEE MY FAMILY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BABY GURRRRL

i actually miss lindsay so much. I can't wait to go home and canoodle on her sofa and smoke cheeba and eat food and be merry and blissful. I want to see Ben (since even though he lives on the internet, he is never on the internet??) and i want to see erin cusack and i want to see my big brother and i want to see my moms and pops and i want to see my dog and i want to see the ocean and i want to see snowwwwww.

i feel good though because i have got some christmas prezzies under way already so i am ahead of the game.

things in toronto have slowed down (i guess i actually live here now...) and now i need to get my illustration work done, get this quixtar business on the go, and maybe if i am lucky meet some new people and get my mind out of the gutter and off of the people who distract me in the wrong way. (waste of timeeeeee.)

I did a cleanse this weekend which helped me jump-start my diet again. I need to get that under control so i don't get sick any more and can have fun and be healthy! yay!! healthy!!!
Sharai came down for the weekend (pretty much) and kept me company and chilled out like vegetables for saturday and sunday. it was cute, and i can't wait for her to move here. Halloween was super cute too because Cam called last minute and was all "yooo! lets sit on the stoop and give candy to kiddies!!" so cam, colly and i gave out sooo much candy within 30 minutes and had to get more! then becky and adam came in time to stoop it up (and beer it up) too and then finally jo and jamie came (they missed the candy ..booo) and we all hung out and it was funnnnn!

jo and i hung out this saturday afternoon too which was cute and sisterly since we never get one on one time anymore.

final thought:
not having a crush on anyone makes life very, very boring. that being said, building my friendships is much more important in the long run and i am happy to have such wicked, wicked people in my life <3


alexis said...

aww thinking of you in halifax for xmas makes me sad...

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