Friday, July 6, 2007

bung deal

Yesterday was shite: Hassle at the office, pressure to get the fuck out of Ann Gale's house, a busted knee (though arguably bad-ass, the "9 year old boy" scabby leg look is not quite lady-like), and then to top all of that off, I had a dream that included a lot of love from dottie, and a return to junior high school. TERRIBLE.

Then today I couldn't sleep in as late as my schedule allowed because I tossed and turned and got teary-eyed about how much I miss my (former) dog. Then on my way to work I almost ran over a freshly squished bunny on my bike because of shitty oakville traffic.

The day dragged on and on while I trained a new girl (not fun), and got shit on for taking forever to put away a huge skid of soy/rice milk. OKAY, I AM NOT A "TIN MAN". I AM NOT AS EFFICIENT AS THEY ARE BECAUSE I HAVE FUCKING CUSTOMERS TO SERVE TOO.


anyways the good news is i got paid, bought some food (finally), and hopefully I will get to see clayton tomorrow and go to the Toronto Outdoor Art Show together....Oh! and maybe, just maybe, purchase some herb. yes, i used the term "herb".


who needs a drink?
or some "herb"?

OH! DOY-EE! more good news!

Upcoming visits from both Beth Barter and LINDSAY "BFF" STEWART! YESSUMS!

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