Tuesday, September 25, 2007

no one sleeps yet...

today is such a weird day.

today is you-know-who's birthday, so i have kinda got that on the brain and it bothers me. It's normal, it's expected, but it's distracting.

so work (although going well) was a bit bunk today. There is this queen there who overreacts to things which makes things tough sometimes since i was starting to get confident in taking initiative with things myself, and now i feel a bit daunted. I also kinda bunged up a few things in front of the head honcho boss (even though they are debatable and my actual boss couldn't have cared less) but none-the-less....distractions.

this office thing is kinda weird. although i am still working in a visual environment i am finding my attention to visual details to be touch and go. Usually i think and remember things visually first and foremost, and to have that natural inclination be on the fritz is throwing me for a loop.

also, today on my ride home from work i swerved to avoid a car (i need a bell) and i hit a pot hole and popped my tire on my bike. UGHHHH. hopefully i will fix it tonight and if not i have a fancy day at work tomorrow so i was planning on taking transit anyways.


one thing i AM happy about today is that the new minus the bear cd is soooo fucking good and i am seeing them on monday!!! FUCK YESSSSS also, i am going to see "we will rock you" on jes's birthday with jes, patty and sharai!! talk about a hot bunch of babes on the town!

sounds like trouble...

i am really happy about my friendships i have in my life right now. there was a fritz recently but i am going to patch it (much like my tire) and make things picture perfect again. i love my second cup and O.G. friends. also, ms. BECKY's birthday is this weekend and i am so pumped for the cocktail party and for FUCKING NUIT BLANCHE! oh man....i honestly think it will be the best night ever.
no expectations though.

they only thing i can do to keep up this pace is to not expect anything of anyone. that way you're never dissapointed.

lets keep it goin' till the morning....

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Rhiannon said...

no way! i think frank and i are going to nuit blanche too!