Sunday, September 16, 2007

life in t.o.

So we are pretty much settled in t.o. now (with exceptions being the plethora of house guests we have been bombarded with once the house was open for business...i love guests but it slowed down the process of home making.)

Some things I like about t.o.:

-seeing friends all the time and having people make me feel like me and my company is wanted and enjoyed. it feels like a little happy community

-How cultural everything is and how much there is to explore and see. I have been to so many fun FREE events since I have been here (cabbagetown arts and crafts show, vegetarian food fair, st. lawerence market, queen west art crawl, the riverdale farm etc....)

-my job (although when you work a 9-5 the weekends are never long enough) and how much it inspires me

-how close everything is.

-bike riding in fall weather

-my roommates and my cutesy apartment

-going to the hot box cafe with becky and jo and everyone

-there are adorable dogs EVERYWHERE!!

things that i don't like about t.o.:

-I never thought i would experience cyclist road rage but since everyone bikes here it is so annoying to be stuck behind slow cyclists, to have drivers opening their car doors completely disregarding the on-coming cyclists, and to get your tire stuck in a street car track.

-my annoying druggie raver super intendants who live beneath me

-not being able to see my oakville friends as much as i would like

-spending money too much because of all the wonderful shops and services everywhere you go

-not having any of the channels i actually watch on our basic cable (WTF???? No A&E, Showcase, food network or discovery?!? We dont even get fucking MUCH!???)

As you can see, the goods outweight the bads. I am excited to see minus the bear soon, but I don't know what i am going to do about thanksgiving since i don't have a dining area. hmmm....

Also, my room is almost set up courtesy of mr. spencer and his handy helperness. He installed me a custom desk/shelf thing for underneath my window and now i get to sit in front of my window and make crafts or write letters or internet it up like a nerdy mc.nerderson.

come visit me y'all...or message me for my mailing address so we can correspond!!!!!! xoxox

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