Sunday, September 9, 2007

i chase my paper on...


so i have been busy as shit and haven't had time for a real update in a long time. i don't have time either, but i will just tell you a few things:

Toronto is GREAT. i have a 9-5. monday to friday, room to grow within the company, benefits, pne hour paid lunch, and it is in my field. BOMB.

Since coming to toronto i have had the greatest people around me at all times. It is surreal to have such amazing, genuine people in my company all the time. I miss Jo and Jamie (these are two of those people i have been seeing lots of though...i am glad because not living together and having to knock on her door instead of walking right in is FUCKKKKED) but colleen and spencer are the most amazing roommates. Spencer is the handiest man i have ever known, and colleen is and will always be the loveliest girl in the world.

I have also been spending so much time with my internet girlfriend turned real-life soul mat becky, and the love of her life/my homie adam. He is assisting a photo shoot with paris hilton this week! WOAHHHH! we have been hanging out, going to the hot box cafe, going to st. lawerence market, watching tv, and just spending cutesy time together (also in conjunction with jo and jamie...cute!) being nice and fun.

My bff leo has visited me from oakville lots, and he even bought me a friendship hat! what a charmer! I also got a visit from the wonderful ms. lynn kane and her adorable friend suzann last and weed and patio conversation.

Scott came up for the weekend to go to the vegetarian food fair and so we could go see the animal collective (which we couldn't get into....booo). we walked all the way home from sneeky dees on friday which wasn't as bad as it sounds and the food fair of course was yesterday. Sarah kramer was adorable and i bought three rays of spelt muffins and soy jerky...yumz!!

today we are going to the cabbage town arts and craft show, american apparel, and then who knows what the day will bring. i got my hurr did yesterday and it cost me a million dollars but i am a "new woman" (miranda july shout out...i am reading her book "no one belongs here more than you" which is amazing and sexy.) so i look bomb digity.

tomorrow i get the internet for real and not just free signals so i will write an essay about my life. i wanna know how alexis and zane are doing because i haven't heard from them since they moved.


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