Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quote of the day:

More words of wisdom from the men at Vice magazine:

"It must bore the shit out of girls to know that, after spending two hours to look fuckable, the first thing we want to do is get the fuck out of here and go fuck them."

It kinda does bore the shit out of us really...what a conundrum!


Camping was wonderful! Clayton and I ended up going by ourselves which was a bummer because I wish friends were there to enjoy some of the hilarity, however it was a totally different kind of exciting romantic adventure going by ourselves. Clayton surprised me with gluten free beer to drink because according to him "You can't have camping without beer". (which I agree).

The whole weekend was awesome. The first day we set up camp, took a (very quick) jump in the freezing lake, and basked in the sun. We cooked camp food on the open fire, and clayton made us a clothes line. We walked around a whole lot, experienced the most magical firefly field ever, a skunk, and counted 10 toads on the beach after dark.

The second day we went to a local flea market where clayton bought a vintage harmonica and I bought a new pyrex bowl for ONE DOLLAR! We also saw tons of sweet pins, antiques, and shirts with wolves on them. After the flea market we went to a local farmers market that had a strawberry u-pick, a petting zoo, and a place called "bunny-ville"!! We had yummy home-made snacks and then some local coffee.

We were supposed to go canoeing that day but it turns out you couldn't rent canoes until after the long weekend so we swam again instead. We played frisbee (which we are basically amazing at) drank more beer, ate camp store french fries with our hot dogs (best fries ever!!), walked around a lot, and then finally went to a bat talk at the haggard outdoor auditorium. So lame, but also so wicked and the man who spoke about bats was so dorky and passionate about bats and wildlife. I loved him and his talk of a notorious "catbird"??? (does that actually exist??) AND we actually saw a bat at the talk! yessss

did you know that bats only have one baby a year??

The next morning I MADE THE FIRE and cooked pancakes and eggs to give us energy for the sweet PLANT IDENTIFICATION WALK that we went on and actually enjoyed to the fullest. Clayton enjoyed it so much that when we got back to the site he made a fresh picked dandelion green salad. CUTE!


anyways the whole weekend was amazing and I have caught camping fever. Hopefully me and everyone from the cup will go soon and I think I am camping for a night this weekend after I go to "Yo-a-palooza" or "Yo-stock" or whatever it's called.
Friday night is Leslie's party, I have the long weekend off, I am officially full-time, getting a raise, and going to visit everyone at home soon!

I also won 2 cute jumpers on ebay (one of which is an AMAZING denim mini overall), got the saddest/most thoughtful surprise on my doorstep today, and get to see Manda soon!

It has been a good week so I will stick with it. Hopefully my stride wont get broken although I will miss all of my friends who are moving away. I might use my travel gift certificate to go to BC and see friends...

yup! is everyone else??!


Sarah said...

ummm.. so basically my favourite update ever!! between the nature walks, and the fact he brought you gluten free beer, i'm overwhelmed by the romance! love it!!!!

robinacraftmoney said...

Thanks! I knew you would appreciate the gluten free goodies and nature walk!!