Friday, June 8, 2007

I used to like Vice magazine because it was funny and "hip".
Then I LOATHED it because I thought that all it did was spawn pretentious hipsters who are actually just fuck ups with a some-what plan that won't pan out in the end.

Then I felt guilty because I was secretly infactuated by the issue Camburger had at the old house which photo-documented drug users high on every type of drug ever. It had little paragraphs with a play-by-play of the high, and interviews with the users to accompany the pics. But I didn't admit my like for this much, even though everyone knows how much I like the show "intervention" and everyone ever enjoys a good, fascinating drug documentary.

But then I more recently began to get bored and remembered how funny the "do's and dont's" are.
And then I fell in love with Vice TV, most specifically "The cute show" (a show about cute things...aka, episode one is at a bunny farm) and the "Do's and Dont's and friends" (They show a "celebrity" some pics of random do's and dont's and get their opinion).

Anyways, that being said, I stumbled upon a good quote today accompanying a "do" photo which pictured some indie rock kids playing a game resembling kick ball...

"It’s hard enough to get a good crew together, people you can inside-joke with and all that. If your crew is up for activities (camping, road trips, even murderball), you need to hold onto them and not let go until they get Stockholm Syndrome. "

anyways, all of that being said, I love my "crew" and our activities. Camping next weekend....can't wait! <3

I also like their use of the term "dicknotized".


angela c said...

i miss you ya know.
we have lost touch too much.

that's gay.

robinacraftmoney said...

or "ghey" as rhiannon would say.

i miss you too. you make me smile!