Friday, August 10, 2007


yo, dude.

so many good quotes lately. I need to find my tape recorder and keep these things handy.

"Who do I have to smack around here to get some proper keifer?!"
(me to a customer on my last day, regarding their concerns for the lack of red-label keifer)

"We're the wings!!!"
(tanja when we were posing for our totem pole picture)

"Yo, just tape a piece of pepperoni on my zit with a bandaid"
(me, to clayton and jo when talking about harvesting my zit)

"She has the pepperoni in her front pocket....!"
(lynn, talking about tanja who had a deli bag of sliced pepperoni to snack on while working)

oh.....good times.

So, I finished my run at the OG with quite the party bender. At school, it was the same way: it's almost done, and suddenly we're all best friends! why now!? why not sooner!? oh yeah, because the drama ensues. dang. Anyways that first night at jess's/sharais definitly was the highlight of my summer thus far, although i would be a liar to say i didn't love it all. I am excited to see these kids when i get back and to have one last hurrah! before the summer ends.



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