Thursday, December 27, 2007

put your life on hold while we interest one another...


I hope Santa was good to everyone (who believes in him...or whatever.)

Karma is catching up to me I think. I was a good girl this year: Santa brought me a digital camera, some AA clothes, invader zim dvd series, and papa made me a jewelry box! CUTEEEE.

I also got this gay little hand-held sudoku computer game. i can't put it down.

LINDSAY GOT GUITAR HERO 1, 2, & 3 WITH 2 GUITARS!!!! who knew we were such natural rock stars?!

guitar hero

The other night Ben, Lindsay and I played this fun game where 2 of us would play a song and the other person danced as stupidly as possible in the background while we videotaped it. it basically ruled. we did it until we all had headaches or asthma attacks from using to much candy-induced energy on it. they are going to be the hot new youtube videos. you just watch. I have been having the best time here. SO MUCH TO DO THOUGH. I am dreading what I have to go back to.

Yesterday Amir and I went to see Juno. front row center sucks but THAT MOVIE IS SO CUTE. honestly, go see it. my only complaint is that there isn't enough michael cera.


Ellen Page is so cute. but totally in a tegan and sarah way. and not just because she is a lesbian too. just because she is adorable. I really liked her character.

after the movie i drove adam lightle back to halifax while we were on our way in to house of dogs. Got some Taco bell, saw Melissa Gill (who is PREGNANT! eepp!!! so crazy but exciting!!) and then had a sweet Lost session with Lindsay (<3), Ben, Emily, Amir, Ryan Allen, Todd (not flanders) and Ian/Andrew kinda. it was great as usual.
i love it here. everything is so much easier.

I emailed about a few apartments today. wish me luck!

wisdom teeth tomorrow. wisDOOM teeth. yuck. i hope I am not digustingly disgusting from it. I don't want to me kind-heartedly teased about that from now until Toronto. I also want to see my friends as much as possible. that is important.

not enough lindsay time. more more more more.
not enough canoodles either.

greedy girl.



rhiannonnnnn said...

uggggggggggghhhhhhhi cant wait to visit youuuuuuuuu ugggggggh

and juno is sooooo goooooooooood. i hope my sister marries mc cause she loves him. then she will be tarah cera. whats better than that?

i miss you!!!

Sarah said...

guitar hero! funtimes! funpics!