Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rubber stamp wish list

inspired by my last post.

I realize I could easily make my own (which i plan on doing) but I can't deny the charm of these designs. i keep teasing lindsay about how much scrapbooking stuff she has been buying ("oh these are so cute and i have the matching scrap pack!!!") and telling her that she is going to turn into one of those crazy homemakers who have nothing to do but scrapbook all day long, but it is wasn't for one of her trips to a scrapbooking supply store in bayers lake, i would never have been introduced to the world of embossing. haha.

too bad these things are so damn expensive.


alexis said...

lindsay took me to the same store today! sooo coool! a side of scrapbooking i never knew exsisted.

Ashley said...

Those are sooo nummy!

sarahxxx said...

I have those acorns!

And about Michaels coupons - even if you don't bring in the coupon/flyer, you can still get the 40% off! Just tell them you didn't receive your flyer in the mail and they'll have you sign your name and postal code and you'll get it.

Eleanor Magpie said...

Sooooo nice. I especially love all the bird/feather ones.