Friday, December 5, 2008

HOLIDAY 08-fashion

So i've been having a tough time finding the perfect hostess dress for my party.
i've got 2 weeks.

Oh god. I love winter white. so cute with matte black leggings.

this silver brocade dress would be so cute with black leggings, but i like the grey ones in the picture. so cute with a really chunky black or grey shoe,

ugh. so glamorous but not slutty. perfect.

this dress is so fierce. i love it.

i love the cut of this dress. its sexy but not whorish. so cute for a petite gal like myself.

this dress is just so fun. (just like the host...)

None of these dresses are more than 100 dollars. Shop here.


Ashley said...

I really like dress number 2.

carolynn j. said...

i was just shopping there! so good. i really like the first dress, i don't think i've seen you in white and i think it would look really good on you. and i also really love the off-the shoulder one, too. although its a dead ringer for a dress they had at h&m for much cheaper! haha

i like this one!

it's sooooo tacky but i love that!?

me_plural said...

everytime i scrolled down a dress i was like "gasssp!!" i tottttally love the sparkly black one, SO HOT.