Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lollapalooza Fashion Review

A belated review. These are my favorites of those featured on style.com.

Look at this girl. She's got this incredible gypsy/witch /ethereal punk rocker thing going. I feel like she would be fun to drink wine with. She should be our friend.

There's something I love about seeing American Apparel on snobby style blogs. also, I think I am going to style my hair like this girl sometime. I like it. This picture reminds me of going to see the weakerthans while jo was here.

Fuck. Cat power is so cool.

Ed Westwick looks like such an asshole. But he also seems like the kind of asshole you secretly love or want to hang around because he just puts it out there. Seriously, who wears gucci slippers and drinks scotch at an outdoor music festival? A charming prick, that's who.

Dear amir. this dude has combined your favorite and least favorite look into one outfit. Nudie jeans, Ben Sherman shoes vs. the whole guitarist/long hair/bandana look you recently voiced your hatred for. Not gonna lie, these two look cool. Do you feel conflicted?

I just love these two. I don't care how lame that makes me. She looked adorable preggers. And i want those sunglasses.


me_plural said...

Ed Westwick, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

also, ashlee sort of looks like an olsen twin who gained weight, weird.

me_plural said...

wait no, she looks more like hilary duff.