Wednesday, December 3, 2008

apartment hunting

i need to relocate february 1st. I hate moving.

I don't mind my apartment (but i don't love it either)

things I need:

1. Location. Dartmouth (unless some gem just magically appears on fuller or northwood terrace). Moving to Dartmouth will cut my upcoming commutes by 15 mins. (I will appreciate this extra 15 minutes of sleep sooo much). It needs to be a safe area that I feel comfortable walking around in by myself.

2. 2 bedrooms/1 bdrm plus den/1 bdrm plus SUNROOM. (viewing one of these this week!)

3. All inclusive, preferably.

4. Not a basement.

5. Character.

6. NO carpet.

7. Cat friendly

8. clean/newer/mold-free kitchen/bathroom.

9. windows.

10. Not in a high-rise.

This sounds like a lot, but in Halifax/Dartmouth area it shouldn't be hard. We aren't in condo-country like Toronto.

On a different note, Amir sent me this picture from the sartorialist yesterday. We both agreed it was our favorite pic of recent posts.

gimme dem' bangs. stat.

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Andrew Neville said...

I like that entry too, everyone complained about that guy wearing his pants low though. I like everything about both of them.