Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ibride Trays

as pointed out to me by ms. jamie q. thanks lady.

another gem from velocity art and design.

and surprisingly, i am not sick of deer motifs yet. they're especially majestic looking on all these trays. i would love to have a grouping of these hanging on the wall in a dining room.

in the words of my dear friend Adam Baxter "I would dies for a bit of dem' trays".


Anonymous said...

Those are sweet. I like the hummingbird and animals in people clothes in general. If you know whatahmeaaaannn :o

danyela said...

i just saw these at the AGO the other night and fell in love with them. but they were $100! wtf. hahaha.

Brad said...

I dig those trays hard. Imagine getting baked and then eating an enormous meal off of one, you'd trip balls! hahaha

Brad said...

oops this is not Brad Lahead, it's Alex haha

AngelaAlways said...

elle decoration?
they were in the most recent, yes.
LOVELY, yes.
they make anyone the hostess with the mostessssssssss(t)

well... almost anyone