Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Annual Craft Money Christmas Cocktail Bash

The photos have surfaced!

believe it or not, these pictures don't even clearly show the actual quantity of people crammed into my dollhouse. I can't wait for colly to upload the pics she took so I can show off the rest of my zexy guests.

cleaning up took over a day, even with 3 helpers. It is lasting almost as long as my hangover. Thanks to everyone who came out in spite of the weather! xoxo

photo credit ma' boi james reid


AngelaAlways said...

my bicycle picture was representing on behalf of me, it looks nice there, i only know it because of the picture you sent me

miss you xx

AngelaAlways said...

ps i missed out on saying how bloody jealous i am of everyone who got to be there, can i just say. thanks.

maybe next year i can go!

Sarah said...

same here! next year, guest appearances by Angie and Sarah!

Amir Sabanovic said...

If I saw Angie and Sarah both, the night would have been even more than perfect.

sarahxxx said...

This was so much fun! Thanks again Robyn. xoxoxo