Monday, October 13, 2008

My bedroom

vintage linens. i have a stack in my closet of about a dozen pillow cases that i rotate. Please feel free to mail me some if you find some gooders. I would like a large piece of artwork for above my bed i think. or maybe a mirror? hmm.

my beautiful Beacon Hill (Robert Allen's "high end" brand) printed linen curtain. I was so lucky to have inherited this discontinued banner from the showroom, and even luckier that it fit my window so well. my room was already the soft yellow color when i moved in, and it complimented it PERFECTLY. I love the texture of linen. my inner textile geek goes gaga for it. I have some samples in the same fabric tucked away somewhere, and eventually I intend on making some throw pillows for my bed to tie all my fabrics together.

oh gosh. my closet is so small. the light doesn't even have a switch- i think there was a little pull for it originally. I have all my beautiful vintage scarves displayed inside the door so it looks nice when it is open, even though its kind of untidy. if my closet was any bigger I probably wouldn't leave it open all of the time. i also don't have a door handle, but it's never really been an issue. On the wall is an old zipper which showcases my collection of 12 dollar sunglasses. haha

Since I have minimal storage space I have an eyesore dresser inherited from my dad's workshop. (yep, that thing actually used to house tools. if that isn't a sign to abort mission, i don't know what is. when i find the right dresser to replace it, it will be out of there in a heartbeat.) The armoire used to belong to Becky and Adam, and I was lucky enough to call dibs on it when they moved to Indonesia. It needs new hardware, but I don't think I was to restore the rest of it. I love the vintage charm. Its tough to decide what sort of hardware will look nice with it though. Maybe vintage glass knobs?

The mirror above the dresser was a yard-sale find. only $3. It also has a nice aged charm to it when seen up close. The baskets are from wicker emporium and hold some of my craft supplies and sometimes a little pony cat too. I love mixing all the tones of wood, but I think I would like a painted dresser when I get something new. The cut-velvet chair is a salvation army find, and the fabric is still in amazing condition. pony has been clawing at it too much though- its a bit of an issue that he and i have been encountering. I must say, looking at this photo makes me feel very proud that all of my thrifting has not only worked out well for my wallet, but it all co-ordinates well without feeling grossly "shabby chic".

Jeeze. I just realized that my room looks a different color in every photo. I would say this is the truest to reality. (a warm, buttery yellow.) I was never really a yellow girl until now. My 2 dress forms were given to me- the smaller one (on it's stand) which I have named "Claudia" was given to me by Dave's sister Diane. The plus-sized one (known as "Debbie") was given to me from a former co-worker. They are rarely used for sewing these days, but are handy when drying sweaters which need to hold their shape. haha. God, I need better lighting- Look at that ghetto lamp sitting on my sewing box. I also need a nice new bedside table. (my excuse for not investing in better lighting yet.) The one under my window is the right height but is not to my taste at all and as a result, it is covered in fabric. Plus, it houses Amir's record player. Storing/displaying that is another dilemma entirely...

and on an unrelated note:

my bathroom window gives the most gorgeous natural light.

it's nice living alone and decorating to my own tastes. xo


AngelaAlways said...

this is so nice, i really think you've captured your home well. i miss that place, so bad. xx

Eleanor Magpie said...

I love how you've put the room together with a mish mash of inherited and thrifted items. And I love the photos...they have the quiet moody quality in the lighting that I always adore so much in many of Fiona's photos.