Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

sorry readers. I just haven't had much to say lately.

I will try and redeem myself now.

My weekend was okay. The best part was either the pumokin carving jam last night or the zine fair on Saturday. (Zane and I got our picture drawn for 4 dollars!) Actually, Saturday was very productive for me because I made the best homemade broccoli soup AND apple crisp first thing in the morning. I also cleaned my house which felt good.

Our pumpkin jam ruled but those pics are too recent to have surfaced online yet, so consider this a 2-part post. But here is a little preview to make you want to come back for more: Lachlan definitely lit his pumpkin on fire and chased a car.

What is everyone going to be for Halloween? I was going to be minnie mouse and make my costume, but then (even working for a fabric company) it is damn-near impossible to find that perfect minnie mouse polka-dot fabric (i know...i know...seems strange but it is true) so now i have bought a pattern and are going as:

I know it sounds lame but I promise you I will make it rule. (I just gotta make the damn thing already.)

also, one last thing, i bought these:

which have brought my crafting to a whole new level.

yup. random. time to get ready for work.



Anonymous said...

those last imagetree alphabet stamps rule! i used them for some zines for the zine fair a couple years ago and they are greeaatttttt.

also, i like your new costume idea!!

sarah :)

Lachy said...

Best costume!

Eleanor Magpie said...

I used some dollar store alphabet stamps on my xmas cards last year. Fun.Yyou will do some awesome stuff with those, I am pretty positive.
And I think you will make Alice look very cute! Seg and I are actually doing a couples costume this year. We are going as Beetlejuice and Lydia...gotta make a crazy red wedding dress....lots of tulle!

Sarah said...

a. i have those exact stamps and b. i was going to be minnie mouse because I have the PERFECT dress for it! weird!!!