Friday, October 31, 2008


honey, i'm home.

back from Fredericton. I actually had a good time. Fredericton is officially my favorite place in New Brunswick. (No Funswick.)

I had a really amazing time nerding out with one of my clients about textiles. She teaches textiles at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and I may even get the opportunity to go up and teach some workshops! yay! This would be really good for me because I just need that boost to get back into the swing of things, you know? i can't wait to get back into a studio setting. yay!

Anyways tonight is Halloween. I am almost done my costume. What are you being? I have to go carve my mom's pumpkins today after work and I have this brilliant vision of sugar skull pumpkins. It's gonna be awesome.

Anyways, long time no nerd and this isn't even a very exciting post but I promise to write more later when i have more time.



angela said...

i was cobb, the leader of the baseball furies from the warriors. my face was SO yellow!

i hope you had fun darling xx

fiona bailey said...

Hello sweet thing, It sounds like you had a great time in NB indeed! I hope you do get the chance to get back into a textile studio soon, I can't wait to see what wonderful things you will create! Hope you had a devilishly fun hallowe'en! I really love your new blog look by the way...miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I like that jewelry.

Lachlan MacLeod said...

That was me.