Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go cute or go home


Today is like Christmas at the Craft Money Headquarters!

Are you seeing all this amazing stuff?! Look at all my perfume!! Look at my new makeup bags!! A charm bracelet!? Really!?!? eeep!!!!! :)

I was lucky enough to receive my harajuka lovers fragrance package from the lovely folks at matchstick. They approached me about a marketing program for the new line of scents from Gwen Stefani, and who am I to say no to that!?

I am a pretty picky perfume person, my one staple scent (strangely enough) is actually "With Love" by Hilary Duff. A lot of scents really make me sneezy, but you don't know until you try em'.

There are 5 scents in the line-"Love", "Lil Angel", "Music", "Baby" and "G". They are candy scented, and cute overloaded with the branding. They actually come in Little doll-figurine bottles which are supposed to represent the characters they suit.

My favorite is "G"- sweet and tropical/coconut scented. I love almost anything
coconut related. mmm. I wish that the full-sized sample they sent me was of this scent, but hey, I'm not complaining.

"Baby" reminds me of those sweet baby-powder scented perfumes you would wear when you were a little girl, but a little stronger, a little sweeter, and a little less soft. This is Josie's least favorite, but I actually like the nostalgic feeling it gives me.

"Lil Angel" almost reminds me of pineapple candy or something...I can't quite put my finger on it. It's sugary and bright.

"Love" is softer. It smells bit like a floral and vanilla in one, but not in-your-face the way that Britney Spears does vanilla. Maybe a bit of a brown sugar feel mixed with floral? I can't quite tell exactly...hmm.

"Music" is probably my least favorite, and ironically the full bottle I received (haha). It has an older (think cute grammy) musky floral scent, but with sugary notes to cut through the musk. I am starting to realize how smart it was for them to release 5 scents- as I sit here stinking up my apartment with candy perfumes, I realize how perfectly all 5 scents layer together. Mix-and-match your scents to your mood. hmm. perfect.

Hey Ladies, I've got samples. Now it's your turn to try. Holla' at yo' girl if you want the hook up. Mama loves you. :)

(pen pals, I've already gotcha covered)

Want more cute, want more information? CLICK HERE! <3



Eleanor Magpie said...

A hook up? I am very interested in a hook up.
What cute stuff, you lucky babe, you!

codyjamesfinney said...

I can go goth and test some of this stuff out for you.

me_plural said...

oh gurl hook a sista up.

Amir Sabanovic said...

I'm with Cody.

angela said...

do i count as a penpal who is covered?

danyela said...

eeee am i covered? hahaha

i need to send you a letter asap! my stationary is waiting.

Andrew Neville said...

I like the idea of goth amir wearing perfume.

Anonymous said...

I love being covered, Mama takes care of me , REAL GOOD!

Anonymous said...

wait.. what do you do for a living?