Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall/Winter 2008

fall faves.
looks and trends.

god, i love outfits. seriously. <3


i am crazy about winter white. and chunky shoes.

proenza schouler.

jewel tones. tent dresses. fabrics with beautiful draping. mmm.

more winter white. yum.

grey. cozy fabrics. wooly leggings. boyfriend shirts.

black and white. flat oxfords. floppy hats.

i want to hit up my holiday party circuit in this dress. sigh.

baggy sweaters and chunky shoes! frenchies, here i come.

i just thought this was fierce. haha.


70's farm girl chic. so good.

Karen Walker

wool trousers!

cute coat!

rag & bone

rebel equestrian. i love it. ironically, amir texted me yesterday and said: "babe! i think you should get a pair of horseback riding pants! i saw them in a magazine and they are so you!" hahahahaha (oh, how i love him. hehe)

warm wool. more grey. winter white. textured pantyhose. a summer tan.

i am excited. I wanna go shopping. hehe.


Nathalie said...

Fall dresses are definitely a favorite of mine too. Fabulous collection…

Amir Sabanovic said...

This one is my favourite: http://www.style.com/slideshows/standalone/trends/trend_report/072808TRE/031m.jpg