Monday, February 18, 2008

The quality of company

I made a very important decision the other day.

Now, I know people have pipe dreams, but as most of you should know by now, NOT ME.

I like to make things (magic) happen.

That being said, I have officially started saving for one of these:


Purebred Golden retriever!!

I have a plan!

I know that I travel a lot with work, and the responsibility of having a puppy at this point is just not practical. If I wait until the end of the summer, I will be approaching the fall/winter, a time where I will be more stationary, and thus around more for those crucial puppy-training moments. I also have a goal of paying off my student loan by this time, which will allow me more dollars to train a puppy well, pay for it's vet trips, and most importantly puppy school. This is something, (for myself personally) as I have learned from the past experience of raising dottie, is essential.

Anyways this coming Sunday is the doggie expo at the forum, where I will go and learn more about this and other breeds, local trainers/suppliers, and meet other puppies!! eep!!

I have always loved golden retrievers, as common as they are. I know they are a larger dog, but i am allowed pets at my place and since it's just me here, and I have a backyard, I think we will be just fine. They are SOOO cute at every age, unbelievably loyal, good for training, good with other dogs and kids, and so loving. I am going to get one of those doggie gates for the back of my soccer-mom wagon so he (or she) can come on adventures with me. I can just see me taking it to friends houses, the commons and other fun places to play and make people happy.

Oh, and I am going to name it "mighty".



alexis said...

i love this idea!! golden retrivers are such awesome dogs.

robinacraftmoney said...

they are the best. It's going to be my soul mate.