Sunday, February 10, 2008


Jenny Dames, this one's for you!

If you're reading this blog, that probably means you're friends with me, which translate to you knowing who Miranda July is.


did you know she had this fantastic website/book with all sorts of wonderful interactive artistic assignments for people to participate in? You complete the assignments, and send in photos or writings or whatever they ask, showing how you completed the assignment!!



that being said, my wonderful wonderful bf and I completed assignment #63 together!

Assignment #63
Make an encouraging banner.

1. Draw each letter of the sentence on a large piece of colored construction paper or big squares of fabric. One letter per piece. Draw them blocky so you can cut them out.
2. Cut them out.
3. Glue each one onto a piece of construction paper or fabric that is a contrasting color.
4. Then glue the edges of all the pieces of paper or fabric together to make a banner.
5. Hang the banner in a place where you or someone else might need some encouragement, for example, across your bathroom. Or between two trees so that you and your neighbors can receive encouragement from it. Or in a gas station.

We took a long time to think about what the banner should say, and finally with a little inspiration from miss lovely jenny dames we decided to make it say:


here's some pictures, although Amir took better ones on his fancy camera so I will probably post those later:

The work in progress!


We really cracked down and dedicated an entire crafternoon of tea and no-sew to make it.



Amir's tailoring ability was an asset to the immaculate finishing quality. :)

The next day I finished all the stitching while Amir was hemming pants all the live-long day, and then we hung it up when he got here! wee!






Cropped, but none-the-less, the fruits of our labor!

Now when I wake up in the morning, and I go to put the kettle on, I will turn around and think "yep. keep calm, carry on girlfriend."

Here's the shot that Amir took that i mentioned!

i'm the happiest i've been in a very long time.


rhiannnnonnn said...

i'm so glad you're so happy. i cant wait to come and visit you. i just wish i could share the joy with you on the day of your birthhhhh.

i miss ya, girrrrrrl!

robinacraftmoney said...

i knowwww! i wish you could come and see me so so soon! you and frank can come together and sleep on my futon and you and amir can have a straight edge party and frank and i can have a sloppy party and we can all make crafts together. it would be a dream!

miss you too! xo

rhubarbcrisp said...

And what a banner it is.
That book by M.J. is so beautiful. And yeah, it's also sort of the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon book in moments of "What should I do today?"
I'm yearning for a time when the answer to that question isn't "Read textbooks" and is "Make crafts to send to Robyn"

angelaaa said...

so cute. you two are wonderful!
sam and i are having a crafternoon next sunday! how good?

i want to see your humble abode. it looks so lovely.

Sarah said...

your place looks great, and that banner is super-duper!

becky said...

oh dear i cannot wait to see your super happy self. 22 days love love.