Friday, November 14, 2008

Soup and Salad

If you haven't tried the new president's choice deli soups (mmm mushroom bisque) then you are missing out.

also, i am a huge nerd.

that is all.


Andrew Neville said...

One time when I was maybe ten my family was at a restaurant in Dartmouth. The waiter at the table next to us asked if the patron would like soup or salad with her meal, to which she replied "what's the super salad?"

Eleanor Magpie said...

HAHAHA...I love that first pic.
I must admit, a lot of PC stuff is pretty tasty. I really dig the British Chocolate Biscuit collection....they don't skimp on the chocolate.
P.S. I am a nerd too. =P

jenn s. said...

i hope you don't mind that i added you to my 'blogroll', i just really enjoy reading your blog !

Anonymous said...

i love your shirt, also mushroom soup is gross regardless of whatever fancy french word follows mushroom. nickie