Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boyfriend Jeans, etc.

Tonight I am going to stay in. I bought a big beer and I am going to drink it and write some letters.
and by "write some letters" i might just mean word twist.

but anyways, Here I am with my big beer!! Look how big it is compared to my head!

Anyways, so today I inherited my first pair of boyfriend jeans!

Amir gave me his beloved nudies. LOOK AT MY CUTE NEW BOYFRIEND JEANS!

Amir broke them in perfectly. They are so comfy. Way better than any "boyfriend style" jean from urban outfitters. plus these are legit since me and ammer are teeny tiners.

It's actually winter out now. it snowed yesterday and i slid over a snowbank and came within inches of a telephone pole. The irony is, I was driving amir home after buying snow tires. Cue Alanis Morissette:

anyways, this caught me really off guard. I mean, duh, almost smashing into a phone pole will really throw you off, but I just mean Winter in general. I feel like I just wasn't even aware it was coming. Its weird. I have been really excited about Christmas, but the whole snow/weather thing just completely caught me by surprise.

I started compiling a list of winter pros/cons in my head. Here is what I've got so far:


- Warm cozy nights inside
- Hot drinks (bonus: hot drinks out of mason jars!)
- ice skating
- tv marathons
- coming inside and pulling dry clothes on after getting snowy and wet and cold.
- comfort food
- warm lighting
-record players
- extra inbound and outbound mail- Christmas cards, parcels, etc.


- Cold/wet/slushy days.
- The winter blues. Even if only for a minute. they are the bluest of all the blues.
- when your winter coat gets really wet and heavy
- forgetting your mittens. (or losing them ALL THE TIME in my case)
- being cold when you wear skirts
- being dormant and over-indulging during the holidays.
- Being broke in the new year
- dry skin
- Dangerous driving conditions
- icy sidewalks
- flu season/colds

anyways that's what i've got so far. does anyone else have some suggestions?

I think I should get CAA before the weather gets really bad and I have to travel in it. That seems like the logical thing to do.

Here is a random photo that amir sent to me today. He really loved the shoe/pant combo. He says it is the nicest female shoe/pant combo he has ever seen. Then I reminded him of my favorite grey tights/honey-brown-braided-leather-oxford combo. We are so in sync. hahaha.

it's cropped but you get the idea.

anyways, it's time to spend some of my hard-earned money on all of your christmas presents. I love shopping from my own sofa.



b said...

no i never got your mail. only mom and adams mom.
when did you send it?

also. winter cons:
your best friend hates it so much she moved across the world.


Eleanor Magpie said...

My one suggestion is mittens on a string, just like when you were a kid. Wherever you go, out an about, shopping, pal's house, work, you just take them off and drop them and there they hang until you need them again. When you take off your coat, they just live there, dangling from the sleeves, until it's time to go out again. Pretty great. Pretty helpful.

sea-swallowed said...

winter con: STATIC-Y HAIR. yuck!

Lachlan MacLeod said...

This was a good entry.

Sarah said...

i saw a girl months ago walking her dog wearing nudie boyfriend jeans and i've been lusting after her ever since, so now i'm lusting after you!!!

Lauren said...

cute things about this post:
-you in your boyfriends jeans
-you and your big beer
-you and everything about you

i need you all up in my grill stat robina!