Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple Cider

November 10th.
Cozy weather.
Apple Cider in Bed.
Puppy Cam.
Mug courtesy of Angela.

Love. love. love.


AngelaAlways said...

oh this is so lovely
i hope you are enjoying your mug my precious

you know i saw a shop with loads of those posters screenprinted in different colours? the shop was in brighton, and the prints probably would've been pretty darn expensive, but i'm just sayin.

they looked great!
loads of lovely pastels.

you know, i never really think of pastels as always being a favourite colour, but there are definitely a few that cut the mustard (yellow, mustard yellow being one of my favourite colours, but also when next to a nice pastel sky blue, like the blue in the sky in a faded photograph, you know?) pastel yellow is nice as well. over here people say "PAST-UL" instead of "PASS-TELL" which do you prefer?

what is your favourite pastel colour? hmm? xx

Andrew Neville said...

I like how you labeled this, keep it up.

Sarah said...

that makes me really envious! i want some yummy apple cider!

Lauren said...

sigh sigh sigh.. love you and amir!! i wish i was there to squeeze in between you two with love. keep up the sweetness, you guys were my lifesavers today