Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay, time for an update from the rock.

- I went to the BIGGEST DOLLARAMA EVER. It's like a dollarama superstore. Possibly the cost-co of all dollar stores. I bought a cute notebook, a pen, and an address book with a 30's style airplane on it. I will probably return before I leave. let's be honest.

- Adam's house is adorable and his roommates are awesome. Its a very cozy house. Adam's parents are visiting and they are EXACTLY like him. He calls them "mudder and fadder". So newf. His mom smokes weed and is a hoot. But she isn't like a sketchy crack head mom, she is more like "Adam roll a joint for me before i do the dishes". Sounds familiar. I love her. Tonight is chilli night and last night adam's roommate Brent made some wicked veggie stir fry and salad for all 6 of us. Everyone in Newfoundland is so accommodating. I love it.

-I've noticed that a lot of girls here dress in clothing strategically designed around their tattoos. Lots of cut-outs. I dunno, it's pretty try-hard if you ask me but in contrast to that i must say that their are A LOT of pretty girls here. There were actually 2 girls at adam's show last night that looked like they were from the hills. Impressive outfits i must say. I also saw the NFLD version of Dougie. so bizarre.

- I can't understand what half of the locals are saying, but I like em'. I have learned some new terms such as "pinner", which means wuss.

"Ah, he's being a pinner." or maybe its "ah, he's bein' pinner." you get it.

Here are some more Newfie expressions I have been hearing on a frequent basis, courtesy of wickipedia:

Eh b'y?: How's it going?

Where ya to?: Where are you?

Stay where you're to till I comes where you're at.: "Wait there for me."

Get on the go: "Let's go" (also, a common euphemism for partying, on the go by itself can also refer to a relationship- similar to a dating stage, but more hazy.)

You knows yourself: Responding to statement in agreement.

Yes b'y: Expression of awe or disbelief

What are ye at?: "What are you doing?"

Wha?: A general expression meaning, "what?" The length of the vowel sound varies.

Luh!: this is used to draw attention to something or someone, often by pointing. It is a variant of "Lo!" or "Look!"

Go a'way b'y!: meaning, "No, really?" or "Are you joking?"

I am serious. None of these phrases were new to me. They all speak like that.

anyways more update later. xo


Eleanor Magpie said...

Wow....I would pay to hear people speak like that. Though I would be saying 'Pardon?', a lot.

Lynn said...

Oh, honey, my dear you, I wish I could hear you speak newfie to me. Also, I wish you were here. Really, just like a postcard says, I wish you were here.

Andrew said...

I want to go to newfoundland this summer and walk along the coast.