Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You have found her, now go and get her!

Quote(s) of the day:

robina craft money says: (9:28:13 PM)
halifax till death

Scott says: (9:28:32 PM)
halifax till 9-11!

Quote of the week:

"Adam, don't worry about me loving Becky like 'LOVING' Becky. I really enjoy the company of a penis in my vagina."

oh god. i hope my mom doesn't read this.



back to Halifax.


i had the craziest going away party. i love my t .o. friends so much. I love them so much that i got some of their names tattooed on me forever. if they fuck it up i will just change them to "yo" and "blecky". whatever.

my locket that becky gave me is so beautiful. i am so sad without her in reach. but love is just a phone call away.

I started my new job, minus the clients. i have a lot of stuff here. SO MUCH. I think i know what i am doing though, surprisingly. i feel good. life is actually amazing. everything is cute. cute cute cute. juno cute. i have good things here, just minimal girl pals!! I HATE THAT. All my bitches are in toronto except my main slice of pie (nut free) miss lindsay. if i could change one thing about being back in halifax it would be for it to be truly old skool with alexis, ben, angie and everyone still here. it isn't quite home without them....

although, that being said, when i was on the plane and my flight was landing and i was staring out the window, thinking about all the insanity i have endured to get to this point, and the flight attendant says:

"We are now arriving in Halifax. If Halifax is your home, WELCOME HOME."

i cried. it was like i could feel the emotional heimlich in the deepest depths of my heart.

i miss you guys, but this feels completely perfect.


rhianimator said...

this is cuteness.
i love your guts.
i cant wait to visit.

Jenny said...

that last part you wrote, about the plane. it made me cry a little too.

beckymadsen said...

what jenny said. it def made me cry.
i cant wait to visit you. i love you so dearly much. you are the number 1 gal.

angela said...

aw robyn<3
that is a tearjerker that one, you are from a film i think, right? surely, your lines are just too good.

i am excited that i might (most probably unless something terrible happens) get to see you soon. how exciting does that make life?


robinacraftmoney said...

oh ladies, i love you all too. I don't mean to be so poetic, sometimes life just happens that way and it is sweet and lovely and great.

I can't wait for visits. i really truly can't.


alexis said...

the flight attendent bit made me cry! awww robina!!

im so happy for you.

hopefully we will come visit this summer. actually scratch that. we WILL visit this summer!