Thursday, January 31, 2008

holding you we make 2 spoons

I anticipate this conversation:

"oh hey robyn, how was your night?"

"oh pretty great. me and amir drank tea, filled out questionnaires, waxed random patches on our arms and watched the cute show. oh, and made supper together. we did that too. Also, I wore feathers in my hair. it was funnnnnn!"

me likey!


Amir Sabanovic said...

I think this was the dorkiest night we've had yet. WE RULE HARD.

robinacraftmoney said...

i wrote this before i washed your hair.

i have met my geeky match.

rhiannnonnnn said...

i loooovvve wearing feathers in my hair. i stole some from my moms dreamcatcher a couple months ago and i have been using those ones... but i need better ones. i just dont know where to look!